Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Waaaaiting...Is The Hardest Part

We need a new car. Well, two new cars, really. But one, at least, sooner than not. Especially with gas prices as they are.

As soon as I get word on (the) job, we can trade in the car.

I see that Blogher is now accepting registration for the Boston leg of their Conference Tour. I definitely want to go to that - it's alway been part of my plan.

As soon as I get word on (the) job, I'll be able to justify spending money on the registration fee.

Hubby needs a new nutrient pack for his AeroGrow. And he wants to get lettuce pods for it too. Probably other kits as well.

As soon as I get word on (the) job, Hubby can order whatever he needs.

My back and shoulders are so sore from sitting at our too tall desk as I job search and write. I need a massage. It's my birthday time! I should treat myself to a nice massage!

As soon as I get word on (the) job, I'll feel okay about spending some money on myself.

We so want to get together with more of our friends on a more regular basis. Hubby and I both love great food at great restaurants with great people. 

As soon as I hear about (the) job, we'll all go out for celebratory dinners together!

Sweetie would really love to do some sort of summer activity: swimming, ballet, gymnastics, karate, acting - something.

As soon as Mama hears about (the) job, I'll sign you up for any kind of activity you like, Sweetie.

If I'm to get word on (the) job at all, it will most likely happen today or tomorrow. 

I'm waiting. And hoping. I have a cautiously optimistic outlook on this. But, of course, there are no guarantees. Ever.

So as I wait, I continue my search. I hunt for a position that may be a good fit for me. I submit resumes, I send query letters, and I network with others as best as I can.

But mostly.... I wait.

Hopefully, not for much longer.

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