Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #109 - Vocabulary Edition

This week has found Sweetie once again expanding both her vocabulary as well as the way in which she expresses her words:

Exhibit A: The following written communication -

Addressed to Sweetie:


(Don't go potty here. It's broken. Go downstairs. Love, Mom)

Sweetie's rebuttal to me:


(MOM I TH.(ought) U FIXED IT?)

Very cute! And what a wonderful new world is open to us now that she can read!


The neighbor girls were over last weekend, during which time they all played upstairs in Sweetie's room.

That evening, I remembered this and imagined the mess that most certainly still existed upstairs. I sent Sweetie to her room to pick up the toys.

At one point, Hubby went upstairs to check on her progress. I couldn't make out his exact words, but I definitely heard his shocked surprise regarding Sweetie's disastrous surroundings. I also heard some back and forth between them, wherein I assume Sweetie was blaming the mess on the girls and Hubby was explaining the consequences of her not asking them to help clean up before they left.

A little while later, I went up to see how Project Cleanup was going. I was greeted by Sweetie, hard at work.

She looked up, saw me, and exasperatingly exclaimed:

Do you see this, Mama? It was H_______ who made this disaster!

Yeah. Whatever. Clean it up.


Last Sunday morning:

Sweetie. Go tell Daddy it's time to get up.

(She heads upstairs, at the same time I hear Hubby getting out of bed of his own accord. I head to our downstairs bathroom).

Sweetie's angry wails ring throughout the house. She comes to find me... in the bathroom (can't I have some privacy, please?!).

She explains -

I was going to tell Daddy to get up, but he ALREADY GOT UP!!!

(whereupon I give her a look of - "do not even start to complain about such a ridiculous thing." Seeing - and understanding - this, Sweetie back peddles, adding....)

But, Mama, it's unfair to you too because now Daddy's GOING POTTY!

(Oh, no! Not that?! It's just NOT FAIR that he and I can each use separate bathrooms at the SAME TIME!!! Waaaaaahhhh!!!!).


Sweetie saw our water bill on the dining room table yesterday. She excitedly exclaimed to me -

Mama! You're going to Hollywood?! Were you on So You Think You Can Dance, and this is your ticket to Hollywood?!

Ahhhh. No. And that would be Las Vegas, anyway, Sweetie.

So, I guess we really do watch a bit too much T.V., then, huh?


Speaking of that water bill - she and I went to the town hall to pay it yesterday, as well as to register our car.

We parked a bit of a distance from the town hall entrance, and therefore passed several other parked cars as we walked along. Upon seeing two similar cars in a row, Sweetie pointed to one and said,

Look, Mama! That's a carnival!

I looked, thinking she was actually reading the model name of the car. I'm thinking - Huh? A Carnival? I've never heard of a Carnival. What make is it?

Then it hit me (No, not the car. The realization of what Sweetie meant hit me!). Looking at the sleek, shiny vehicle, I corrected her:

No, Sweetie. That's not a "carnival". That's a "convertible".


We were watching a bit of the Spelling Bee on T.V. last night. Sweetie was actually pretty interested.

During one set of commercials, she asked me:

Okay, Mama. Spell "ran".

Ooh. That's a toughie. Can you tell me the definition?

Yes. It means "run".

Oh. Okay. Can you use it in a sentence, please?

The horse ran away.

Thank you. Is it R-A-N ?

Yes! Good job, Mama!

Why, thank you, Sweetie.

I asked her to spell "horse". She spelled "hose" instead.

Oh well. We'll keep working on that, Sweetie.

She did ALMOST complete a correct spelling of the word Daddy offered to her: "Bedtime".

(A word that Hubby used in the following sentence: "You need to put on your pajamas, brush your teeth and go potty because it's almost your bedtime.")

Sweetie got as far as B-E-D-T-I before she gave up.

Oooh! So close, Sweetie! So very close. Good job to you too.

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