Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #108 - Sweet Sweetie Edition

Nothing too funny today. As I'm home with Sweetie so much now, I guess many of her funnier moments now just wash over me as her just being Sweetie. 

Daddy: How are you, Sweetie? How was your day?

Sweetie. Great! I'm great everyday! (Really? We had no idea).

Daddy: Oh, yeah? What was the best thing about today?

S: Playing with the girls. Except, I was sad when Mama said it was time to come inside.

D: Yeah....well, what did you do with them?

S: We played house. And K____ lost her toy kitten and I couldn't help look for it because Mama said to come inside.

D: Was it an imaginary kitten or a real kitten it.

S: It was a real TOY kitten.

Me: Did she lose it in our yard, or theirs?

S: In their yard.

Me: Well, they were still outside for awhile, so I'm sure they found it.

S: Yeah.... and we also had a picnic!

D: You did? What did you eat? Was it real food, or pretend?

S: Real food! We had milk's favorite cookie and I won!

D: How do you win at eating Oreo's?

S: No! They were Speed Racer Oreos and my cookie had four flags on it, so I won.

D & Me: Oh.

(Sorry, that probably wasn't all that fascinating. But I thought it was rather interesting that she oh so casually referred to Oreos as "milks favorite cookie" - just as if that's what everyone calls them! And, no, she didn't get that from a T.V. commercial. She saw a print ad in my current Parenting magazine).


7:00 a.m. this morning:

Good morning, Mama!

Good morning, Sweetie. Give me a few minutes, okay? My eyes hurt.

Okay..... but what about my breakfast?

You're going to take a tubby as soon as I get up.

Oh. Okay.

(About 5 minutes pass, until my eyes feel better. I get out of bed and head to the bathroom. No sign of Sweetie).

Where's (Sweetie)?

Ha! Right here! I've been waiting a long time for you! (naked in the empty tub)


A couple nights ago, it was my night to put Sweetie to bed. She hadn't been entirely well behaved just moments before, so her punishment was no reading any of her story.

She straightened herself out in the last remaining moments, though - enough so that I conceded to telling her a poem from memory as her story that night.

I left her contented. She was fine.

One minute later, she was out of her room, crying that she couldn't sleep because no one rubbed my back or my arm.

I got off the couch and headed up to settle her in again - irritated to have to do so, but thinking Sweetie was sweet to "need" Mama's  gentle touch.

Hubby asked me:

Do you always rub her back when you put her to bed?

Yeah. I guess so. I mean, It's never something I think about. But I probably do.

Oh. I always do. I always rub either her arm or her back before saying goodnight.


That's it. Just some sweet Sweetie stories and notes from the week. Have a great Holiday Weekend!

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