Monday, May 05, 2008

Mama Monday # 22.1

Theme: Celebrate

My friend, Shanta, who lives in London, England, is celebrating this week.

For one thing, she's celebrating the upcoming release of her second novel - Give Me A Sign. Shanta is a wonderful writer, showcased in first book, Marilyn and Me. I cannot wait to read her sophomore release!

In anticipation of her new novel, Shanta is celebrating with today's launch of the Give Me A Sign blog. This blog is written by Liz - the fictional female lead of Shanta's upcoming novel. I think this is such a cool idea! The blog will only run for 8 weeks - right up until the book's July release date. Until then, I know "Liz" would be so thankful if you could stop by her blog and help her figure out how to proceed with her new feelings - and concerns - about the cute new boy in her class, who happens to be deaf.

Lastly, "Liz"'s blog launch this week is no accident. This is Deaf Awareness Week in the UK. This years theme for the week is "Look at Me", a theme which highlights not only all the different levels and types of deafness, but also the many different modes of communication used by deaf individuals. What better time is there to kick off a new blog and celebrate a new book dealing with such an interesting topic?

So get on over to Liz's blog! She really seems to need some advice!

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