Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #105

Sweetie's theory on why her tub water wasn't terribly warm one night:

I don't think that plumber should have come the other day (read: several months ago) and changed our handle (faucet) in the tub, cuz that made me have a cold tubby.

No, it's 'cuz daddy took a shower before your tub. It's his fault the water was cool.

No, it's not daddy's fault! It must have been the mouse's fault.

(earlier that evening, Hubby caught a mouse in our house. For real, this time).

Yeah. The mouse. That's gotta be right.


As we were arriving to the May Day festivities last weekend, I told Sweetie about the May Pole Dance we’d watch.

But Sweetie started asking questions about breakfast foods. Like pancakes.


Oh! Not maple dance! Not like maple sugar you put on pancakes. May Pole Dance. They're going to dance around a big pole and twirl ribbons around it. You'll see.

(Come to think of it, my explanation - to the uninitiated, at least - produces just about as ridiculous a mental image as Sweetie's Maple Dance does).


Speaking of dances, one of Sweetie's favorite dances to perform - complete with a special little song - is the following:

Shakin’ my booty, H___ taught meee--ee! Shakin’ my booty, H_____ taught meee-ee!

(Oh how I wish I had a video of this to share! Thanks to Sweetie's school friend H____, Hubby and I are regularly entertained by this booty-shakin' romp).


The Better than Ezra song Juicy was featured this week on NH Chronicle. Well, not really "featured", but it was playing in the background during one of the stories.

Anyway (and I do think you'll have to click that song link above to get the full effect here), Sweetie heard this and started singing, very passionately –

jjjj – uice tray!

Too funny.


Sweetie was taking far too long to get ready for bed earlier this week. I was getting increasingly upset with her, saying I wasn’t going to read to her at all because she was being too slow and wasting her reading time.

Finally, she met me in her room and very sweetly asked if I could read her just a teeny tiny bit so she could learn some new words.

Is that why you like this story so much? You get to learn new words?

Yeah. I like learning all the new words.

Okay – I’ll read just a little bit (That's Sweetie for ya - one minute you're completely annoyed with her, the next minute she gives you such a sweet, wonder-driven plea. You can't help but change your tune).


Lastly... speaking of those new words from her book....

Last night we happened upon a revisit to a portion of the Jabberwocky poem. The poem is written out in the book in an italic font.

Sweetie asked me something about the slanty words. I told her they were italicized.

Oh. Maybe if Daddy puts me to bed tomorrow night, he'll read more intellicized words to me.

Yeah. Maybe.

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