Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Well, Now...THIS is Different!

Right now, as I write this, my little Sweetie is upstairs in her room, playing with two of the five little girls from across the street. There was a third girl here - a friend who came specifically to play with said neighbor girls. But she's since decided to leave.

For several minutes before they were all in our house, Sweetie was visiting over at their house.

(Good thing we live on a quiet, dead-end road, what with all this back and forth going on! Ooops! Little visiting girl is now back at our house!)

I'm not used to Sweetie having regular playmates at our house. Not used to it at all! Sweetie, obviously, isn't used to it either. But she sure is lovin' it! What a great change for her.

Oh - and one more difference about today? Sweetie is wearing pigtails in her hair. Just like I used to as a girl her age. Come to think of it, she looks an awful lot like I did as a 5-year old.

That's a change too, come to think of it. As a baby, Sweetie looked exactly like her Daddy. Especially when she flashed a big ol' smile! But these days, I do believe she's looking more and more like her Mama.

(Update: little friend of neighbor girls is gone again. I feel bad for her. She came to their house to play, but her friends are playing with a new friend. She doesn't feel like she fits in, I think, as while she's here she only talks with me. Then she leaves to go back across the street. I have a feeling, though, that she'll be back soon enough).

All this activity! I don't know how to handle it all! But it sure is a bright spot in our otherwise quiet day.

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