Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ms. Fix-It Domestic Lady

I'm becoming quite the domestic diva these days.... at least intentionally speaking.

• I fixed our majorly clogged downstairs bathroom sink. It's been clogged FOREVER and I fixed it!

• Usually after I wash our bed linens, Hubby puts the clean sheets on. Today - I did it all myself!

• Lately our upstairs bathroom toilet's tank has been overflowing just a little. Not all the time, just every so often. Yesterday it REALLY overflowed. I looked on the internet to find out how one might go about fixing such problems themselves, if they were so inclined. So when Hubby came home, I was able to tell him what he may be able to try. He, of course, already knew some things to try. But I felt good in the fact that I actually understood what he was talking about. Kinda.

(Note: An initial fix that seemed to have worked at first has now proven not to have worked. We'll most likely need to install a new tank or get a whole new toilet. Oh well - it's cheaper than calling in a plumber.)

• As I write this, it's getting close to dinner time. Usually, if we do any real cooking, that's Hubby's deal entirely. I'm perfectly capable of heating up frozen foods or some such simpler tasks, but that's about it. Tonight, though - I'm considering maybe calling Hubby, seeing what time he expects to be home, and then offering to form some ground turkey meat into burger patties.... for Hubby to grill when he gets home. I'm so generous. :)

Just call me Suzy Homemaker. 

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