Sunday, May 04, 2008

Thank You

Wow! Thanks, everybody! I really appreciate the comments I've received on this post, as well as the many personal emails I've gotten. It's all meant so much to me.

When I wrote my original email to friends, family and contacts after the events of last Tuesday, I pretty much wrote to everyone in my contact lists - you never know how even the most casual of acquaintances can help you and give you the boost you're looking for.

In my case, I'm particularly happy I choose to include two specific people in that email Send To list: Sweetie's school friend H_____'s mom, and one great writing/blogging contact. 

H_____'s mom and I have been emailing each other all week. We're excited to get our daughters together, and excited to learn more about each other. She really seems like a potentially great friend to me, with similar interests and outlook on life. I even think our husbands will get along well. This could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship for us all!

Then there's my writing/blogging contact. She knows people. Rather important people. And she likes my writing and my attitude. She's happy to get me in front of some very helpful people. I'm very much looking forward to what all may come of this! How very exciting.

So - I'm doing well. I'm excitedly looking forward to one upcoming job interview in particular, and I've secured a small freelance writing position as well. Additionally, I've sent out some query letters - at least a couple per day since last Tuesday. I've signed up at a couple of my state's job-finding websites. And I've updated my resume. I'm staying optimistic and enjoying the search for my ideal job.

I must say - I'm also quite enjoying my extra time with Sweetie. I'm surprised at how many little mannerisms and sayings of hers I'm noticing now. For instance, she tends to say - Okay, now - a lot. Right before she does the thing she's been wanting you to stop and pay attention to, for instance. Or during her own imaginative play, right as she's trying to get her "kids" to settle down and do as they're told. It's so cute! Especially as we play school together - whether she's playing the teacher or the student, there are always several instances where her phrase - Okay, now - fits easily into the situation.

Sweetie will not be going back to her pre-school, as it is very near my old place of employment, and not at all near our home. Hubby and I have decided to withdrawal her from the school earlier than originally planned (the end of this summer), thus saving money on  both tuition and gas. 

If she weren't as outgoing as she is, or we felt she needed more academic prep before kindergarten, we'd have thought more about keeping her where she is. But she's a smart, social little girl whom we're sure will do just fine when school starts again in the fall.

Thanks again for everyone's kind words and wishes of Congratulations! instead of I'm so sorry. I'm not sorry. I'm excited. I don't feel the need to find "just any job" right now. At least I don't feel that way yet. Let's hope I never do.

I don't mean to sound like some Pollyanna. But really - I'm good. I'll find the job I want. The challenging, fulfilling job I know I can tackle successfully. The job I know is right for me in a place I feel comfortable and welcomed. I know it's out there - perhaps even closer than I think.

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