Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #106 - Daddy Laughs Edition

A source of endless hilarity for Hubby (okay, and me too)....

Sweetie, can I check if this smoothie is cold on your belly?

Yeah, Daddy. Just a minute…

(finds a good stopping point for whatever she's working on at the time)...


….Okay. (lifts shirt, allowing full exposure for the always freezing cold glass of smoothie drink) Aaaaaa!!!!!!!!

She never refuses.

It's always cold, Daddy! Because you make smoothies with ice!

But I don't know about this one. I don't think I put ice in this one. Come here and we'll see if it's cold on your belly.



Sweetie? Why do you always sit so nice and still with Mommy, but you're all wiggly when you're with me?

Mama is more comfy.

No she's not! Mama is sharp and bony.

Well, she's got soft bones. Softer bones than you.


Looking at a particular patch of grass at Nana's house:

Mama, is that a clover?


Yeah, I finally found their name in my mind.


Sweetie has lots of pretend friends. There's Mrs. Always Smart the Bunny, and Mrs. Sockfuel to name just a couple. These two in particular have visited with me quite a lot this week. They're very nice friends, helping me clean up my closet and Sweetie's room.

But then they leave and Sweetie comes back, wondering if I've met anyone interesting lately.

Oh, yes! I just had a visit from Mrs. Always Smart The Bunny. Then, when she left, I met a new friend - Mrs. Sockfuel. She was wearing a lovely hat and socks on her hands! Very silly. She was nice. I wish you could have met her. It's funny how you're never around when these friends come to visit.

Hmmmmm. Yeah. That is strange.


Lastly... not a funny thing, but something of note anyway...

At library story time this week, Sweetie listened intently as an older girl read a familiar book. Afterward, Sweetie mentioned:

That book is at my sch..... my old school, only it's a smaller sized book.

Hmmm.... it seems reality has set in for Sweetie and she's now understanding - she's not going back to preschool.

I'm glad she's doing so well with this decision. She hasn't complained at all or asked about old friends (I've already assured her that she'll still be able to have play dates with some of her closer friends from preschool). And she's taken very well to "playing" school at home. We've bought her a new kindergarten level activity book and assign her a few pages to do each day. She takes her home schoolwork very seriously. She's doing well.

Good job, Sweetie! Keep it up!

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