Monday, May 19, 2008

Mama Monday #24.1

Theme: Count

I'm trying not to count my chickens before they're hatched - but it's very hard to do.


Tomorrow's my birthday. I lost count of how old I am. Once I hit 30, it honestly now takes me a few minutes to think about it and figure out my age.

I'll tell you this much - It's been more than a few years that I've had this age-specific memory trouble.


I count how many aches I have, and how many times I sneeze in a row. How many tissues did I just use up? Yeah - I've got a cold. I can tell it's not allergies (allergies don't first show symptoms at 8pm at night). Yippee. What an awesome week to get sick.


No matter. Hubby and I have very loose plans to go out for dinner for my birthday - at some point. Not necessarily tomorrow. Not even necessarily this week. I have no idea when. It all really depends on his work schedule, which is still up in the air for the week at this point. 

Other than that, I've got nothing going on for my birthday. No cake. No presents (my rules, upon counting up our money - or lack thereof - in the checkbook). No family get-togethers (at least none planned at this point). Nothing. Just the same as every day - Sweetie & me hanging out together; me half-heartedly job searching for a position I figure I can at least tolerate enough to apply for (refer back to note #1 about not counting my chickens); and me trying not to contaminate Sweetie too much with my cold germs.

Woo hoo! Party on, dudes!

Whatever. I'm too old to party too much at this point.

At least I think so - I can't really remember anymore.

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