Monday, May 16, 2005

Smart, Talkative and Funny

Just wanted to write a quick bit on how funny Sweetie is. She's 29 months old this week, but she looks and speaks like a true 3 year old. Every once in awhile I notice a boost in her speech - a new bunch of words, better use of her smaller words like "the", "and", and so forth, attempts at storytelling, etc.

A few weeks ago she went with me to one of my doctor appointments at which the doctor gave her a Bob The Builder sticker. Later that night when her daddy asked her what she did she very definitely told him the whole story about going to see Dr. Russ for mommy's owie and she got a Bob The Builder sticker from him - she just didn't have good story flow or syntax at all. It was very cute, funny and impressive because it was the first time she tried to really tell a story.

We've recently taught her her full name - which includes 2 middle names. It was funny to see her face at first because she just knows herself by her first name - who was this other person we were talking about? But now she can rattle off her whole name with no problem at all.

My husband and I have also told her what our full names are. Today I put her down for a nap and, not wanting to be there, she was calling for her daddy - using his whole name! Very funny. This past weekend he was working on some construction in her new bedroom, so he had a bandana tied around his head. She sees him like this and calls him "Pirate Daddy". For as long as he had the bandana on, she referred to him like this, saying things like "what you doing, Pirate Daddy?" When she woke up this morning she even called for him saying "Pirate Daddy, take Teddy" (she's been doing that lately - asking him to come get Teddy from the crib - not necessarily her. Funny).

Anyway, she's just too darn smart, talkative and funny. She can count up to 20, can count to 10 in Spanish, knows some French words, and loves to sing lots of songs, making some up as she goes. She's a joy and we love seeing what she comes up with everyday.

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