Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mid Week Madness

Just a quick mid week note.... my first refer, and she's linked me TWICE! Lola, another nearly 30-something woman with Spina Bifida, married to a wonderful man, and itching to have a baby. Thanks so much! I'll be keeping track of your story.

I've also been asked to write an article for Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood international, a London-based organization for disabled people looking to become pregnant or who already are parents. I'll write a 1,000 word piece for the October issue of their DPPi Journal. I'll be discussing my experiences as a disabled parent and, of course, mentioning my blog. I've gone international, Baby! Check it out - on-line, in print, on audio and even in Braille!

That's it - it's been a good week so far in my blogging world.

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