Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait

Hi there! Yes, I'm still around. Sorry I've been so quiet lately. What with the moving and all, things have been hectic here...

... or have they?

We've actually done a lot of waiting.

Waiting for the inspection on our house and its results.

Waiting to hash things out with our buyers over the inspection results. Will they still want our house after all? Why, yes - they do!

Waiting to find the best place for us to go. I finally gave it to Hubby the other day, letting him know my opinion that we had to come to a point when we are done looking and we will make a decision among what we've seen so far. Two options rose to the top of the list - both with varying pros and cons. At that point - 2 days ago - I was done. I no longer cared. Hubby's responsibility to just choose. Whichever. I didn't care.

He chose. S'all good. I'm happy with where we're going and, now that he's make the decision himself, I do believe he is actually happy as well. Well, whatayaknow?!

But now - We're waiting to here from our would-be landlord. Waiting to see that she still likes us, approves our application, and we can actually call this new place home.

Until today, we've been waiting to hear that our buyers' bank will indeed come through with their financing. Now we finally got that word - financing has been approve. All is good to go!

Now - we pack... ahhh, but do we? When are we actually closing? Undetermined at this point. Even so, we are only going to be moving about 1 1/2 miles from where we currently live. Moving should be a breeze! No need to be pack so carefully. Just throw things in a box, drive it down the road a piece, and put it in its new spot. Easy peasy! We don't need to stinking pack!

Ah, but the house needs a good dusting/cleaning. I really should be on that. Ya, well.... I really do want to hear from our would-be landlord to see that we are in fact all set with her. Then I'll clean... or.... you know... I'll/we'll clean as we move. No use cleaning something spotless now when we'll still be here for a few weeks. It'll just get dirty again! That's silly...

But...hmmm.... there sure are a lot of businesses that will need to know that we're moving. Sure would be good to spend some time contacting them with our new information. But until I hear from the owner of the little house we're renting, I really can't tell a company for absolute certain that that will be our new address. And even when I get that confirmation, if we don't yet have our closing date, I can't tell the post office by which date to switch or mail delivery. Hmmm...

So, yah... I am/we are waiting. Waiting for to be busy! Packing, cleaning, moving, settling... It's a-comin'! Soon...

but not quite yet.

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