Saturday, June 12, 2010

The 3 R's

Relieved, Relaxed and Rejuvenated!

Wow! Thank you, everyone, for your lovely comments on my last posts. You've truly made me feel better - not only validated, but also relieved, relaxed and, most of all, rejuvenated to start blogging again! Beyond the comments on the specific circumstances surrounded my last 2 part post, your very presence gave me a real Sally Fields-type moment. "You like me! You really like me!" Pitiful that I need to hear that? Maybe. But so, so good for the soul to know that people like to read your writing, see what you have to say, and look forward to anytime you get around to saying it. Thank you for that lift! I needed it.

Writing that post, as I predicted at the onset, did allow me to let some steam off about the whole situation. Writing always does that for me. I can't quite work things out for myself just thinking about situations. And even talking about things... well, I'm just a must better writer than talker. Talking would most likely only frustrate me more, not to mention the poor people doomed to listen to me babble on and on - Lord knows they don't want to hear it... for the umpteenth time... again! And so I write.

That last post took me at least 2 1/2 hours of non-stop writing to get all out. And yet the time just flew by. Sweetie was actually here in the house with me as I wrote, but old enough to entertain herself while I did my thing. And after finishing? That was it. That's all I needed. I felt better, I had gotten everything I was feeling inside out into the world, and I could finally let it go. Writing truly is a healing art.

And then you all began to comment. Writing alone really would have been satisfactory enough for me. But your comments. Wow! There are other people out there who have felt this same way! Whose kids act the same way! Who have overreacted along with their kids in certain situations instead of taking the high road and dealt with things in a calmer, more properly parental manner! I am not the only one! And, not only that, but a reminder that things are rarely as bad as you - in the middle of the situation - think they are to those who are observing from not so close by. Thank you all, for helping in so many ways.

And so, with all this... reminders of how great it feels to write, reminders of the folks who are interested in reading what I have to say, reminders of what I want to share with the world... I am renewing my vow to commit to this blog. Of course it figures, in a way, that I'm feeling rejuvenated now, of all times, to get back into it. On Monday I will be starting my 2nd part time job. So now I will work 4 mornings a week and 5 afternoons a week (instead of just the morning hours.) And summer vacation started a week ago for Sweetie. So when I'm not working, I'm sure to want to spend some time hanging out with her. But you know what? I've always said that I enjoy a challenge. I used to maintain this blog multiple times a week along with my full time working hours, when Sweetie was younger and needed more of my attention. I can do it again, with not even half that many outside working hours. I am excited to get going again!

First thing first - I really need to clean up my side bars. There are blogs mentioned there that are no longer maintained or have different addresses that need updating. There's too much ad clutter. Things just need to be pared down. And as I've also mentioned semi-recently, I'd love to get a new look for my site. I love that baby picture of Sweetie up top there, but she's almost 7 1/2 now! I need a change. I'm excited to see how this place can be spruced up a bit!

Look for me to start regularly posting again. I'm not going to promise anything too drastic at this point, but certainly we could say at least once a week. Hopefully more - we will see.

Thanks again for your kind words and your interest in reading. With your interest, and my love for writing, we can go far!

Here's to a fresh start!

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