Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Beginnings

Hey! Notice anything different around here?

I am sooooo excited about my blog's new look! Hubby designed my header for me and I think he did a fabulous job. That's a painting of me when I was a little girl, done by my grandmother (mom's mom). Then add some photos of - who else? - Sweetie and me across the way (all of which just happen to color coordinate oh so well with the painting!) And I just love that picture of Sweetie in the twirly ride thing. Such a great photo, I just had to include it!

However, in making over my blog, I lost everything in terms of comments people have left on my posts as well as my many different categories of blog rolls. I've started to redo them, as you can see over to your right. But there's ton more to add. Especially in terms of posting links to sites about Parenting with a Disability, Spina Bifida, and other random but important links I used to have and now have to reacquire. Ugh.

In that vein, if you are reading this and either, A) used to be on my blog roll and now see that you're gone, or B) can direct me to some great blogs and/or sites of interest for my specific topic(s), then please, by all means do leave me a comment with your information and I'll get to adding you right away. Thanks so much! And remember, in terms of blogs, I'm mostly wanting to keep to the topic of parenting and/or raising special kids and/or being an amazing adult. Having a cooking or knitting blog listed in the middle of other on-topic blogs, I feel, would not fit in well at all. Thanks!

And, in other news, Sweetie started 2nd grade this past Wednesday! Can you believe it?! What, she was about 2 years old when i started this blog? Maybe 1 1/2??? Now she's 7 1/2 and so excited to be back in the classroom, catching up with her friends and waiting to see what great things will happen this school year.

Here's to a great school year! We're excited too, Sweetie, to see you learn and grow and create every day in lots of little ways. You make us so proud!

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