Monday, November 01, 2010

Taking a Cue from D. I. Leaders Everywhere

I have never really been a "yes girl." At least I don't perceive myself as one. I feel I have a pretty good sense of what I can and cannot take on, and I'm not afraid to turn something down because to take it on would certainly lead me to feeling overloaded.

For example, for the last couple years I've co-edited our church newsletter - meaning some months it was my responsibility to edit on my own, and some months it was the other editor's job. But this year, in light of my several part time jobs I've recently taken on, when I was asked if I could help out with these duties for this year, I politely declined. No, ma'am. I'm sorry, but my schedule is much too busy these days. Sorry!

Likewise, I really don't fit you're "typical" image of a busy working mom. Working outside of the home, raising the kids at home, taking care of house and home. Yeah, I do all that, but not alone by any means. I feel very blessed that I have a Hubby who likes to cook and provides us with our dinners every night. And he's good for taking care of outside the house duties (mowing, shoveling, etc.) as well as whatever inside-the-home repairs need tending to. As for me, I do the dishes (no dishwasher for us) and the laundry. I vacuum when needed. And tend to Sweetie's day to day needs (prepare her breakfasts, make her lunches, assist her with her bath and hair washing, make sure homework is done on time, etc.) And I try to take care of myself. Reading when I can, watching some favorite shows, playing on the computer, etc... And I don't feel too bad about it, either.

What I don't worry too much about is the day to day tidiness of our home. Heck, that's what guests are for! Hubby and I joke that the only reason we ever have people over is because it makes us clean up the house. We ourselves don't worry too much about the state of our place. At least I don't think "we" do. I don't - obviously. Anyway, the fact remains - our family's general happiness does not and never will turn on the basis of whether our knick knacks are dusted and our things are picked up.

Not that I'm saying we're a pig sty either. Not by any means! Just saying - with a child in the house as well as 2 adults who tend to just put things down "wherever," I'm not too concerned about making sure we keep "show clean" at all times.

Anyway... what was my point? Oh! Yes. I'm not a "yes girl." Right. And I'm not. True enough.

However, (you knew there'd be a "however," didn't you?) in one of my jobs I've kinda lately been feeling like I have no choice but to be a "yes girl" when it comes to getting all the lofty goals and aspirations of my boss up off the ground. She wants to grow! And change! And update! And create! and get with the technical age! And sell! Yay!

Aaaaannnndddd.... I'm her only employee. The Office Administrator. She wants to get these projects going so great things can happen and I have to do them all!!! Yes!!! I'll get it done!

.... No. No. Really. I don't have to do them all. I can't do them all. Primarily because I don't have the background education to make all these various projects come to life. To think that I myself have to get it done is overwhelming, to say the least. It was making me feel nervous and as if I was less of an employee. A disappointment. Like it would somehow be cheating or trying to get out of work by asking someone else to help me with this or that. My boss wants these things done and I must use my time to make them so - even though I don't have many hours each week at this job, nor the vastly different sorts of skill sets to get it all done. Sure, I suppose somehow, someway, I COULD get things done. But none of them fantastically. None of them to the best end product that's possible. I need help.

So I've done a lot of thinking this past weekend. And re-realizing my role as the Office Administrator has helped a lot. After all, my job really is to facilitate things getting done - not to necessarily be the one to do the actual work in all cases.

(Thank you, random article I read on the recent D.I. leader training that took place in our area. Leaders are supposed to facilitate things for their teams of kids, not do the things for the kids. For example, show the kids how to fish and where to buy a boat, but let them pick out the boat they want and do the fishing all themselves.)

So, great! Need to create an e-commerce store on our site? Fine! Here's this recommended site designer who can help us.

Want to create a kickin' full-color glossy professional-looking brochure? I know just the person for that!

Want to get to the top of Google when certain key word searches are done? Here's some information I've found and some people and programs that could answer a lot of our questions.

Help, people. I need help. And I'm not afraid to ask for it.

After all. It's my job to help my boss grow her company. And sometimes the biggest help I can give her is getting the right people in front of her and I to make things happen in the best ways possible for everyone and everything involved.

Yes! I can do that!

(And, no. No, I still can't get my house into pristine show quality at all times. In the grand scheme of things, it's just not that important to me. This I know for sure.)

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