Tuesday, May 01, 2012

No More Ups and Downs

Happy May! My birthday month! My favorite month! Yay!

But can I just tell you how much I'm looking forward to June 1st this year? So much!

I don't know. It may be just the fact that we'll be moving to a one-floor living situation at the end of this month, but it seems to me that it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to climb our stairs every day. When we started living here, and up until very recently, climbing our stairs has never been an "issue" I really ever thought much about. I can climb stairs! Who cares that the only bathroom is on the 2nd floor! I can do it! I'm not crippled!

Now? Well... yeah. I kind of am crippled, aren't I? I mean, I do have Spina Bifida, wear short legged braces and use a walking stick to help me with speed and balance when I'm out and about. Not to mention my usual back pain. So, yeah. The stairs are a pain. I notice I'm taking them slower and my body feels tighter and more "ouchy" as I climb. 

I remember at our old house, having guests - older, more "crippled" people than me - offer to go upstairs to retrieve something if I needed to have it. No! Don't be silly! I can do it! And I did. No problem at all. Or being out and noting that I could take the elevator or the stairs to where I needed to go. Sometimes I took the elevator, sometimes the stairs, depending on what would be quicker - not based on how I felt. Because, Geez! I can do stairs! It's okay! 

Now... we were at Sweetie's school a couple weeks ago, having to meet with some school staff, and the secretary asked me if I'd like to take the elevator up the 3 flights of stairs to the meeting location. There's an elevator?! Sure, that would be great! (Little did I know that there was a key involved, and the secretary had to come with us, but she had to wait for the other secretary to come back so the office wasn't left empty, yada yada, yada... Geez! Never mind! I can do the stairs. It's okay!) (Long story - in the end, the meeting came to us, in the school foyer. Geez!)

And I can't wait to not have to climb stairs everyday in my own home. 

I'm just sayin'... stairs and me are becoming much more distant acquaintances than the friendly friends we used to be.

So, bring on the move! Sure, we'll have stairs in the house. But I will rarely be required to climb them. Only Sweetie's play room and the guest room will be up there. Sweetie will get her workout, and I'm sure she'll want me to come up there every once in awhile to see what she's playing at/play with her. That is manageable. Sounds good to me. 

I'm a one floor girl now, and that's okay. I knew the day would come. 

I just hope my body can wait out these last few weeks. We're almost there... we're almost home....

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M said...

I just found your blog and I have to say that from on mom with sb to another- u r awesome! Ur trials that u've blogged about are so similar to mine. I look forward to reading more about your life with your hubby and sweetie! and thank you for being brave enough to share your life with the world...