Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Magic is Inside of You

An open letter, in our struggle between telling the truth and keeping magic alive. To be given to Sweetie the day after Christmas, in an envelope titled "The Gift of Santa." 


Dear Sweetie,

Merry Christmas! If we know you - and you know we do - than we’re certain you’ve had a wonderful few weeks full of holiday cheer, awesome Advent Door finds, fun adventures and lots and lots of love. That’s what it’s all about, right? You betcha! 

And - we know we celebrated with you last weekend - but Happy Birthday to you too! Wow! 13 years old already! Why, we remember when you were just a teeny tiny newborn sleeping in our arms, being passed around the room so everyone could get a chance to snuggle with you at your very first Christmas celebration. What a joyful addition you were to our family and, of course, you still are today. You are quite a young lady - so kind, generous, smart, happy, creative, curious, and full of the beauty of wonder and magic. We really are so proud of you, all that you are, and all that you are destined to become. 

Now… we have a surprise for you. As a newly-minted 13 year old, you have earned the privilege of getting in on a special little secret we have had the privilege of being a part of for quite awhile now. And now we'd finally like to share it with you. True, lots of other children - many even younger than you - already think they know. But, really, only the special kids with big hearts, big imaginations and, most importantly, big love can honestly understand and appreciate the truth. And at 13 years old - it’s time you know for sure… it’s time you were told… 

We’re giving you a job. Yes - you! Oh, lots of other people have this job as well. Mostly older teens and many, many adults. Whomever is able to spread love, joy, faith, generosity and magic to those they hold closest to their hearts and - in fact - to the whole world. The world really needs a lot of love these days - both the earth itself, and each and every inhabitant of it. Oh how much we can do towards that end when we work together! And you’re just the heart needed to add to the team.

So here’s the truth of it. It's about Santa (if you haven't guessed that already.)

Santa is real. He's as real as you, as real as us. In fact, Santa actually lives... it's true...inside us all. That’s right. With the world as big as it is and with so many new people coming into it every day, the Santas of the world need to divide and conquer. You never knew this before, but, well… you really didn’t believe that he could go to absolutely everyone on Christmas Eve, did you? Well, we know you did, and that is awesome! Your faith in Santa and his abilities is admirable! But, no - Santa - as one being - just wouldn’t be able to do it all. But by dividing his tasks amongst everyone with a heart big enough, kind enough, and generous enough to care to spread his message and keep him alive in their hearts as well as the hearts of others, well…we get the job done. And you fit that bill to join us just right! 

At 13 years old, you are ever growing, ever changing, ever developing into a truly magnificent young woman full of grace, beauty, faith and love. Able to take on new information and new responsibilities even when you're not sure you're ready. And what an honor it is to gift you with this information and this responsibility in particular! Because now it’s your turn - yes, yours! - to act on behalf of Santa. Your turn, along with us, to go Christmas shopping, wrap gifts, fill the stockings, and give to others in Santa’s name. Your job to keep him alive in your heart and those of others - and especially little children -  not just at Christmas time, but all year long. 

It is every parent's job - responsibility - to bring magic into their children' lives. We have taken this job seriously and have proudly worked hard to do that for you. And what a magical, amazing, wonder-full young woman you have become! We look forward to you one day having a family of your own - if you choose - to whom you can pass along and instill the same, deep-seated sense of wonder and awe - of magic! - that we have instilled in you. 

Well, now you know for sure. Does Santa really, truly exist? The answer is - of course he does! He exists in so many wonderful, beautiful ways. Santa is Magic! Santa is Love! Santa is Belief in that which we cannot see! Santa is Hope! Santa is Generosity! Yes, Santa is Us. And - now - Santa is You. And you are Santa. We are a team. Santa will always exist, as long as you believe and hold him close in your heart. He (Magic, Love, Belief, Hope, Generosity) wants to be everywhere, needs to be everywhere. Haven't you noticed how everyone gets a little bit nicer, a little more understanding, and plain ol' jolly around the holidays? That's Santa at work right there! And now, with your help, these gifts of his can go further than they ever have before. Because of you and your generous, loving, faithful heart, you make Santa’s existence in the world just that much more certain. Without you and so many others like you… his work here on Earth would not be as powerful, amazing and as truly magical as it really is. 

Thank you so much, Sweetie! For what? Why, for just you being you! For being someone we are proud to call not only our daughter, but also an awesome new addition to Team Santa! We know you will work extra hard with us to help spread his message - his gifts - of love, hope, faith and generosity as far and wide as you possibly can. Thank you. Your assistance with this means so very much. 

You will do many great things in your life, Sweetie. As you begin your teenage years of maturing and growing up, may this new task we’re gifting you with today be just the start of all the wonderful offerings you will turn around and give to the world and your fellow earthly companions. There truly is magic inside of you - just as there is in every living creature. Believe in this magic, feel humbled by it, feel empowered by it, and share your own personal magic wherever your life leads you on. 

And never forget - we love you very much. Feel that love, and the love of Santa, and gift it to as many people as you possibly can.

May your Christmas Celebration continue on in joy, love, generosity and magic, and may your New Year be ever bright!

Much Love,

Mom and Dad

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