Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I don't see me like you see me

I don't see me like you see me.

I am me. Just me. And you are you.

Just you.

Sometimes I feel like a child - I can do it myself!

You think you're being nice, but I'm just annoyed.

I think you think I can't do it

Or it's just easier if you do.

And sometimes that's right.

I'll tell you when that's so.

I'll ask when I need you.

I'm quiet, but not crazy.

Sometimes I'm lazy.

To just sit back while others move about is what works best.

You're faster, more nimble, not as clunky. You can do it!

But believe you me - I am NOT just sitting back.

I'm doing what I can do that needs doing too.

But my To Do list lets me use my body

and my mind

as I am able.

Lists and emails and research and phone calls.

Laundry and dishes and housework.

I'm getting done what I can

You get done what you can.

Sometimes we work together, helping each other out.

Sometimes we do our own thing.

Just like everyone.

Just like everyone should.

So why does it sometimes feel patronizing

when someone's taken it upon themselves to help?

Ask me first - want a hand with this while you work on that?

Ask - don't just do.

And I'll extend the same courtesy to you.

I am amazing!

I am smart, and thoughtful, and talented, and beautiful and strong and ALL THE THINGS.

Good and bad.

Just like you.

I'm a damn good mom.

I am different.

Just like you.

I don't see me like you see me.

I catch myself unawares when I pass a mirror or my reflection in the storefront window.

Is that me? Can't be. 

I don't feel like that person looks. 

But yet I do.

My body aches, more than I say. 

But you ache too.

Or you're tired, or you've just lost a love,

Or a job, or your dog.

Each with our own thing.

We're all different, but so very, very much the same.

We all need each other.

Maybe I need others more?


Maybe I need others differently.

Just like you.

Everybody's different.

You be you, I'll be me.

You be me, I'll be you.

Either way. We're all the same.

I don't see me like you see me.

I don't see you like you see you.

We're all the same - all different. 

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Miss Bodong said...

Wow... This is really touching! I feel like I'm gonna crying somehow. You're a wonderful mom. Always be strong whenever you feel low ^.^