Sunday, September 11, 2005

1000?! You don't look a day over 750! (A retrospective of the last several months)

Welcome to my first official entry after reaching 1,000 hits. (And I've only personally contributed to that number by 10 or so hits, I swear). According to my site meter, I'm averaging 12 hits a day and am regularly visited by people from all over the word - Germany, Switzerland, England, Vietnam, the U.S.A, Canada and more.

I'm happy to see that most of my hits are people either intentionally coming to my site because they already know about me, or they've found me via spina bifida and/or parenting web searches they've performed. The most common "other" web searches that have landed people at my blog are searches for any and all information regarding the Disney Channel's show "The Doodlebops" (which I mentioned one time in a blog earlier this summer. And, look what I've just done - given said web searchers even more reason to find me via that search word. Oh well).

I've heard from lots of people - mostly women with spina bifida - who enjoy my blog and have found it helpful in answering some of their questions about parenting with spina bifida. And I've also been motivated, since starting my blog back at the end of April, to seek out and join in some wonderful spina bifida chat forums. Not to mention the several writing assignments I've gained since I've become a blogger - either because I queried places for the opportunity or because I've been approached through my blog to write an article or two. I LOVE writing, and I LOVE writing about being a mom. I hope to one day make a living as a writer. So I am forever grateful to all the publications that have so far given me the opportunity to practice and hone my skills. Now, I just need someone to say they'll offer me money for my work - wouldn't that be cool?!

The most recent terrific opportunity that has happened for me is that the Genetics and Public Health Blog is currently listing Spina Bifida Moms as its "Featured Blog of the Week". This is a wonderful website, created by Dr. Hsain Hsien Lei out of Vietnam, and is chock full of information offering "Insights, articles, and other resources on Genetics and Public Health". The Genetics and Public Health Blog has also recently been recognized by as "The Best of the Web: Health and Fitness Blogs." Wow! Do I feel honored to be associated with such a well-respected site. Thank you, Dr. Lei. I've added your blog to my list of Resources/Links at my sidebar so that others may benefit from the information you provide.

I've also recently added a few new sites to my other side bar categories. Namely, three new cyber-friends, Steph, Shanta and Jennifer, who have their own blogs or websites relating in one way or another to spina bifida or living with disability.

Steph is an able-bodied mother of three. She loves to read, write and have fun at being the best mom she can. One of her children, Donovan, has spina bifida. She writes about this occasionally, but does not at all focus on SB as the theme of her entire blog - as well she shouldn't. She doesn't love her children any more or less based on their individual abilities or personalities, so why make a big deal out of her one child who happens to have SB? SB is just another one of several issues she and her family deal with every day. Steph's got a lot of great interests, talents and thoughts to share - and she does it so eloquently in each and every one of her entries. I know my readers will love her site just as much as I do. You'll find her under "Raising SB Kids".

Shanta lives in London, England and she's just recently established her blog in which she talks about her experiences living with scoliosis. I've been fortunate enough get to know Shanta through her work with DPPI, and now on a personal level through both our mutual love of writing as well as our desire to share our stories of living with disability. Her blog is great and I wish her continued luck - both with her blog and her writing in general. I've listed her blog, "I'm Not Gillian McKeith" under "Blogs".

Jennifer is a 30-something woman living with spina bifida. She does not have children, but may be looking to start on that journey in the near future. She is an intelligent, well-traveled person with diverse interests and a very caring heart. Her own website has touched the lives of parents raising children with spina bifida and others interested in finding out just how much a disabled person is able to achieve in life. She's a great inspiration and her site is definitely worth checking out. Find her under "SB Adults/Parents".

So, that's about it. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my reaching this milestone of 1,000 hits! I'm not going anywhere and will continue to write to you weekly (or more) about the ups and downs, ins and outs, of being a disabled mom raising my little Sweetie. We sure do have a lot of fun together, as well as some unique circumstances where we have to figure out the best way to deal with the problem at hand. We're both continually learning how to help each other manage the best way we can. I'm so happy to be here for you all, helping you learn what may work for your family as well.

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