Monday, September 19, 2005

Our Little Dancing Machine/Comedianne

We're Baaaaaaacccck! We had a long, meandering car ride home today and returned about 3 hours later than we should have. But we had a wonderful weekend away and a fabulous time at the wedding. My husband's cousin (the bride) was gorgeous and she and her new husband look very happy together. The weather was okay and it did clear up just in time for the pictures.

Sweetie proved to be quite the little dancer. Unfortunately for my husband, she pretty much only wanted to dance while being held by him. Oh, she did get down on the dance floor herself, but mostly - and certainly as she got more tired - she wanted to be in her Daddy's arms. She also was more comfortable dancing away from the dance floor. Whenever her daddy took her too close to all the action, her grip around his neck got tighter and her smiles and laughs turned into looks of serious concern. She did eventually warm up to the crowd though, but it was a bit by accident.

It was during the song "Shout". You know the part where it goes "a little bit softer now..."? And how everyone crouches down to the floor before popping up again? Well, since Sweetie was dancing on her own by our table, when everyone crouched down to the song I think she wondered where all the people went because she went barreling out to the dance floor to check out what happened. Fortunately, Grammy, Auntie and some of her cousins were right there and she found them easily - and felt comfortable enough to stay, dancing and jumping her little heart out. Let me tell ya, she was a BIG hit with pretty much everyone, and Sweetie was then happy and relaxed enough to dance with whomever would take her little hands.

Sweetie also tried to sing along to the music all night long. The funniest was when Donna Summers' disco hit "Hot Stuff" came on. There Sweetie was, singing "Hop Scotch" as loud as she could along with the music. (Also, at the church, a pianist was playing some classical pieces before the ceremony, during which you could hear Sweetie softly singing "Rock-a-bye Baby" to herself).

There was also a bit of comic relief during the ceremony, courtesy of Sweetie (besides from the exuberantly high-spirited minister, that is). Everyone was quietly listening to said minister tell stories about the bride and groom when he made some reference about the church being filled today with New England yankees. Just at this moment Sweetie called out, loud enough for at least our half of the church to hear, "Boo, Yankees!". The lady behind laughed and, thinking she had said, "Go, Yankees!" said to me "Doesn't she know she's in Red Sox country?" So I had to clarify for her that, "No, she said 'Boo, Yankees!'" Nana, a die-hard baseball (and, of course, Red Sox) fan has taught Sweetie well. I was laughing so hard I could hardly stop - and I was happy I was wearing waterproof mascara. At the wedding reception the bride's step-dad came up to us and said "So I hear we've got a young Red Sox fan in the family." So funny!

As for me - I had a great time. But I certainly can't dance the way I used to. At our wedding I danced all afternoon and could have gone on for hours. But with my increasing back pain and increasing age, I find I just can't do it anymore. Not that I ever danced particularly well - lots of body movement without so much feet movement - but at least I could do it without pain and fatigue. This time I just danced a couple fast dances and a couple slow dances and that was it. I was happy to have Sweetie take my place with my husband and to simply watch from the sidelines.

I also forgot to bring a catheter to the wedding and reception. I ALWAYS, ALWAYS have one in my purse, so I didn't even double check before we left the hotel room. But apparently I had been using the catheter from my purse as my hotel room catheter - so that's where I left it. The reception was just far enough from the hotel to not really want to make that round trip if not absolutely necessary. So I toughed it out and didn't drink as much as I would have otherwise. We left early so Sweetie could get to bed on time, so I managed just fine, making it safely back to the hotel with my full bladder.

Now we're home and exhausted. We're planning an evening of vegging in front of the T.V. to watch all the new shows starting tonight. Sounds like about as much excitement as we can all handle right now.

P.S. Oh yeah, the last song that played before we left the reception was "Y.M.C.A", and Sweetie got to show her stuff. It seemed like she was pleasantly surprised at first to find that this song I'd been singing her all week was a real song. Then toward the middle of it she began to do the appropriate arm gestures, along with everyone else in our family gathered around her jumping and gesturing as well. It was a great dance to end a great evening. She sang "M.Y.C.A" all the way back to the hotel.

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