Saturday, January 21, 2006

Thanks and Stuff

Hi Everyone! I thought I'd grace you all with my presence both today and tomorrow. Yep, it's bonus blog time!

Actually, I'm just feeling a little inspired to share a couple different stories with you. So why not do 2 blogs this weekend?

First off, I wanted to thank everyone who lurked on by (sorry - I'm so out of it. I basically just learned this term - bopping around to other blogs - and so I thought I'd toss it in) my site and said hi. It's so great to hear from you! You really helped recharge my energies.

Secondly, I thought I'd share a quick story about some time I got to spend away from home one evening last week. You see, I joined my local Mother's Club a few months ago and I finally made it to one of the events this past Thursday.

Within the larger group is a sub-club for Working Moms, and every 3rd Thursday of the month these women get together over dinner. So this time, I went. It helped a lot that a friend of mine just joined the Club as well and we went to the dinner together. If left on my own, it probably would have been just one more great opportunity I let slip through my fingers.

At any rate, the 2 of us went and joined 5 other Working Moms for a great dinner at one of my favorite restaurants - The Olive Garden. Actually, the way it worked out, we were split up at 2 different booths (back to back), just because it got us seated that much sooner. We would have had to wait another 1/2 hour for one large table for all of us.

So, my friend and I sat with one other relatively new member, and the other 4 sat at the next booth over.

We had a great time! We really enjoyed the company of the mom we sat with. We had a lot to talk about and many mommy experiences to share.

One thing I asked our new friend was what, at 18 months old, was her little boy doing developmentally these days. She talked of babbling and his separation anxiety troubles and his sleep habits, among other typical things. Then she asked me what my 3 year old was doing.

I said "Well, she's talking a lot!" Instantly, I thought, and said a loud too, "Well, of course she is. She's 3 years old - she should be talking by now!"

I just felt really silly for making this comment. That's one of my problems - I talk before I think, sometimes.

So I just went on and explained what I really meant was the great, imaginative stories she comes up with now. She tells us all about her "stories" (dreams) and what she wants to do when she "gets big", and so many other fun, cute things.

All this made me think in more detail about the cute way she communicates with us.

If she tries on an article of clothing that's too small - or too big - she'll say, "Yes, this fits me, but not quitely!"

If she wants "up" then she'll say to her Daddy "pick me up, Daddy, so I can see much better."

The other day she told me she wanted an "item".
"An item?" I asked. "What kind of item?"
"A Winnie the Pooh item.”
"Oh! You want a Winnie the Pooh vitamin!"
"Yes, a Winnie the Pooh vitamin." (like, duh, mommy, isn't that exactly what I just said?)

She's always telling us what we "want" to do. "Mommy, we want to play Candyland now." Oh we do, do we? Thanks for telling me, Sweetie, I had no idea!

We live in "Noki's House". Noki is one of our cats. I don't know why she thinks we live in Noki's house and not our other cat Spoon!'s house. Or why not Noki and Spoon!'s house? I don't know, but she's referred to our home like this ever since she could talk.

I found her sitting in the darkened living room the other morning.
"What are you doing, Sweetie?"
"Watching Noki watch my horse." (her horse-on-a-stick riding toy)
"It's so nice, Mommy. It's nice to share my horse with Noki."
"Yeah. It is nice to share, isn't it?

Yeah, sharing is nice. Hope you enjoyed reading what I had to share with you today.

See y'all tomorrow!

Addendum: I just thought of one more cute "communication" story to tell you about.

Last Monday, a Mommy and Sweetie day off from work, I was busily doing something at the computer as Sweetie played with her train and other assorted toys. Soon she got weary of said toys and started hounding me that she wanted to "sit on your lap, Mommy, so I can spell my name." (her latest computer-related fun-time activity). I told her "Okay, in a minute. I have to finish something first."

Well, she kept up her persistant pleas until I finally said "Yes! In a minute. Hold your horses!" to which she stopped, thought for half a second, then silently went to her (afore-mentioned) horse-on-a-stick riding toy and, you guessed it, held him. With no complaint, no question of why on earth was I telling her to do this, nothing. I can only imagine that she must have wondered what good this was going to do, though.

Well, there she stood, holding her horse until I told her a little while later that I was all set now, "you can stop holding your horse."

"Okay." she answered, as she gently dropped him to come sit with me and do her all-important typing.

Kids are so funny.

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