Saturday, August 08, 2009


It's official. Our house is up for sale. Went on the market last Sunday, with the For Sale sign appearing on our lawn the next day. We've already had one prospective buyer come to look, with another 2 scheduled to come tomorrow. Our house is wonderfully clean and tidy, with a little more tidying and organizing happening everyday. Here's hoping for as quick a sale as possible!

In Sweetie news (and completely unrelated to the above) - I've noticed yet another change in her of late. She is much, much better able to adapt to things and go with the flow. Particularly when accidents happen and/or things don't go quite the way she planned when she's creating something new. I'll still hear the "oh noooooo!!!" with just as much drama as ever before, bad enough so that it certainly seems like she's working herself up into quite the fit of drama. But then... eh. Not so much. She now tends to take a breath and reconsider how she can proceed from this point to still make a really "kickin'" craft. Or - in the case of spills and the like, she will not cry anymore. She deals. No, she doesn't so much actually help in cleaning up the problem. But she quietly sits still and seems to recognize that, no, this is not the end of the world. Life goes on, even after the last of her lemonade has just landed itself on the kitchen floor. Thank goodness.

Sweetie is growing up. Hubby and I are growing up - finally, finally actually going through with a huge change for the better in our lives (I'm so tired of announcing to our friends and family that we're definitely going to do such and such... and then letting that notion slip away into oblivion). We are looking toward the future with all sorts of emotions, but mainly looking so forward to the days after we've settled into a new home when maybe, just maybe, we can take a few wee steps away from stressing quite so much over financial issues.

Sweetie's stopped crying and over-dramatizing over problems in her life. It's about time Hubby and I do the same thing by actually doing something about our less than satisfactory current situation. I'm so happy we've finally taken that step.

Hmmm.... seems my two points for this post may not be that different from each other after all.

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