Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life's a Beach - And Then You Skin Your Knees

Scene: Playground at the beach

Sweetie played while I sat and watched while Hubby went off to geocache. Sweetie made quick friends with a couple of little girls also playing on the slides and monkey bars.

Sweetie and I decide to go to our car for a minute to get cold drinks, then head back to the playground where we saw that her new friends and their mom were on their way out.

Sweetie (talking to that mom): Aaawwwww! I wanted you to push me on the swing! Because they're too high off the ground and my mom wears braces and she can't lift me up to the seat and my dad's not here right now.

(Before the poor, sob-story-inundated woman could answer, I piped up and assured Sweetie that I could can push her on the swing and I could probably figure out how to teach her to get herself up on the seat. And anyway, Daddy should be back soon.)

(Turns out, the swing seat was way too hot to sit on anyway plus, by the time we got back there were already some new friends to play with on the rest of the playground equipment. No harm, no foul.)

(But for a moment there I almost did recruit another parent nearish to the swings to pop Sweetie on the seat. In hind sight, I'm glad I didn't have to do that - you never can be too safe with you kids.)

(P.S. - remember how Sweetie and I went back to our car to get cold drinks? Well, along our way I had to get myself over a chain link separating off the parking lot from the walkway to the playground. I got one leg over pretty easily.... and then... not so much. I couldn't get my second leg over the chain. I could barely get my first leg back over the chain so that I could try a new tactic altogether. But I did. Finally. Then just ended up crawling under the chain.)

(Sweetie... She mostly just laughed at me. A little bit of encouragement. Tried to help me a little. But mostly just laughed.)

(Going back to the playground, I sat down on the wooden part of the fencing and hauled my legs over no problem.)

(Sweetie congratulated me.)

End Scene.

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