Wednesday, February 03, 2010

With Apologies... I Apologize

Hmmmm.... Whattayaknow? Seems that when one does not take the time to blog as regularly as one used to, one tends to repeat oneself on different points from randomly posted entry to randomly posted entry. And not always in an entirely accurate fashion.

Comfy/cozy, death, marriage, moving, etc., etc., etc. You've heard it all. Again and again. Sorry about that.

If you happen to have checked in here over the last week or more, you will also have noticed that I've changed my blog template a few times. A few too many times, really. And I'm honestly still kinda searching. I like what I currently have, except that the blog's title - and especially the subtitle - are really hard to read with this layout. I suppose I could just delete the subtitle altogether, which is probably what I'll end up doing. But I also think it's a pretty important subtitle to keep around. Hmmm.... darn free blog templates! The best thing I could really do is have someone actually design my blog again. Anyone interested? I can't pay much, but am willing to pay for a great design.

BTW - my originally designed look - with Sweetie's baby picture in the corner and the brown and multicolored stripes - just one day seemed to up and give out on me. Yup. I checked here one day and there were all sorts of funky words and white spaces and randomness going on instead of my blog design. So, no, I didn't get rid of it on purpose. It got rid of me.

And then my search for new awesomeness began...

Won't a blog designer help me out?!

So, no - I'm really not as flighty as I've appeared over the last several months. In fact, my hope is that, along with a new blog look, I'll be inspired to come around these parts much more often to post. About new stuff! Interesting stuff! With no more repeats! Because I'll be up on all the things I've been telling you about! Yes! Yay!

Except for Sweetie. She'll be a repeating theme, of course. But that's okay. You understand...

And if not - I'm sorry. I apologize.


Claudia Lawrence said...

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Chris, Liz, and Baby Em said...

Hi Amy - my name is Liz, I have a 8 month old daughter Emily. Em has SB, starting at L5. She has a shunt to manage her hydro, asymptomatic ACII, etc. I keep up a blog all about her wonderfulness ( I'd like to list your blog on mine as a blog we follow. Because Emily is so young, we're really only looking at the immediate - but I'd love to share your blog as a reference to an adult with SB.

Amy Linder said...

Hi Liz,

Absolutely! Go ahead and list my blog - I'd be honored. I can't wait til I have a bit of time to check out yours. I'm fairly certain I'll be adding you to my blogroll as well (if that's okay.) :) So glad you found me! Enjoy that little girl! She is a real cutie. :)