Saturday, July 24, 2010

Exercise - Good For The Whole Family!

Sorry I missed last week. It was a busy weekend and I didn't feel like I had much to say anyway.

It's actually been a pretty busy week too. Sweetie spent her days at Circus Camp! A last minute opportunity we got word of to have her do something fun and unique for a few days. She loved it!!! What a great camp! She learned a lot of great "circus secrets," some new skills (OMG, so many different things she can do with a bandanda! And stand up straight on an exercise ball? No problem!) And there was even a last day of camp show for the parents, so we got to see all the fun things that went on during their days. Sweetie did very well in this little demonstration show. Yup - she and Circus Camp were a really great fit!

I'm still enjoying my new afternoon PT job. And I really feel my legs and back are much better/becoming much stronger for it. One day this past week I worked almost a full day there, and spent about 4 hours of that time almost completely on my feet. With no back brace! (Not for lack of wanting... I can't seem to find it in my house...) BUT - all that time on my feet and NO leg numbness. NO unspeakable back pain. Strong legs and back getting stronger every day! Yeah, these next few days afterward have been a bit sore for me... But not too bad. And I feel my walking is getting stronger too, as I have had moments of walking where my legs do not have to be positioned as widely apart as usual to keep me steady. Also, last night Hubby commented on my posture as we talked - him sitting and me standing. He noticed that my back was really pretty straight - not my usual "thing" where my back is concave and my stomach sticks out a bit. All this and I haven't been to the chiropractor for weeks!!! I don't need no stinking chiropractor! Just give me a warehouse job packing boxes and I am HEALED! Amen!

Let's see, what else... well... I haven't mentioned how well Hubby is doing with his dieting and exercise. Heck - I never even mentioned a word about it in the first place! Well - Hubby has been dieting since January 1st and has gotten back into running within the last 2 months or so. Two things that I've watched him struggle with managing for YEARS! Like, pretty much ever since I've known him. And always, a non-success. Always a gung ho start, with a rather rapid downward trend toward not trying anymore. Always. BUT - now, with the help of the almighty IPod Touch (the ones he and I got from Santa for Christmas), he is, quite literally, a new man!

Give the guy an app. that helps him count calories? Done! 25+ pounds shed and kept off. No problem. Get an app that helps him go from the couch to running a 5K? Alrighty then! He just completed his 8th week of that program. Up every other day at 5:30 a.m. so he can get his run in before work! This, from a Daddy who wants to sleep on the weekends as late as humanly possible. I am very, VERY impressed with this Hubby o' mine. He's lookin' good, feeling better, sleeping better. Seriously - he's a new man.

And it all makes me wonder... what else can this Almighty IPod help him - and I - and us - do?...

... and so I got an app that helps you manage your budget.

We've been using the app for about 2 weeks now. It's going well. If nothing else, it's turning out to be a great tool to see what exactly comes in, and what exactly goes out, and how much of it all is left over in the end. Not to mention the fact that it's just making me a much better minder of the checkbook. Every evening now I have Hubby hand over any receipts he's procured during the day, I've turned our month-at-a-glance wall calendar into a budget calendar (each Monday I write there how much money we have, and bills due are recorded throughout the month on the calendar as well - helping us both see at a glance how much we have each week vs. how much is going out in bill payments... letting us know how much, if anything, is left over for "fun" money - never much.) And I record said receipts in both the checkbook and the new Budget app... then share my app recordings with Hubby. All in all, a very eye-opening exercise, to say the least.

And that, in a nutshell, is what's been going on with the Sweetie & Me family over the last couple weeks.

So, with that... I do have other topics to write on, but not right now. Soon. But not now.

I've got a house to tidy up, a book to finish, and friends coming over this evening for wine and dessert. Lots to do, lots to do...

Until next time... Happy living!

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