Saturday, July 03, 2010

It's (My) Most (Disliked) Time of the Year!!!

Happy Independence Day weekend, all my USA friends! It's beautiful here in New England - an absolutely lovely day for a barbeque (which we'll be going to at our friends' house this evening) and will be just as nice - if not a little hotter - tomorrow, for a family barbeque at my in-laws.

After our mid-day family get-together tomorrow, we're hoping to find a spot where we can park our car to watch some fireworks. Sweetie's never seen fireworks "live" before - only on TV. She's very excited to get a chance to this weekend. And we're happy to make it happen for her.... well, kinda.

If Sweetie wants fireworks, we'll find fireworks. But if it were totally up to me - uh uh. We'd be staying home, holed up in our house, far away from any firework displays. (Of course, we're in a new neighborhood this year - a more tightly compacted neighborhood with lots of kids and teenagers around. We heard some fireworks next door last night. Who knows how wild and crazy it gets around here on the actual 4th. Not sure I'm interested in finding out.)

See, I - like many people with spina bifida, it seems - have a sensitivity to loud noises. I always have. Thunderstorms? Hate 'em. The Fourth of July? A terrible holiday for me. I just do not like loud noises. Especially the sudden ones, like thunder and firecrackers. They scare me, and hurt my ears. According to what research that has been done on the subject, it seems those of us with shunts are more likely to not like loud noises. Not sure why, but very interesting to see that it's rather common among us.

And so, we will try to find a place to park our car tomorrow night - far enough away from the actual show to not bother me so much, but close enough/a good enough view for Sweetie to see a pretty display.

And, heck - if we have to, we'll have to... actually go to where a fireworks display is going to be. Just so Sweetie can get the best view possible and get the full effect.

Oh, what a mother won't do for her little girl... Just get the ear plugs ready, please.

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