Sunday, March 06, 2011

OneWord Weekend #2

Word: Example

(1 minute)
I try to set a good example for Sweetie. Be polite, learn a lot, do your chores. But all too often I think - no, I know - that she is the one setting a good example for us.

(9 more minutes)
I mean, really. Sweetie is the consummate definition of well roundedness. At least in my eyes. She must get it from her father. But, for him, I think it's just craziness and restlessness. Okay, well rounded. Whatever.

Sweetie sets a good example for me because she sets her mind on something and she goes after it. She does not wont for much, if anything. Therefore, she's not one to whine and mope and plead for that which she does not have. If she wants something, she finds a way to make it herself. She's a crafty one, she is.

Hubby and I whine. We wish we could do more than we can. But we know the financial limitations involved. Sweetie just lives her life. Actually, it's probably because we've never been able to afford much that she never whines about wanting more. We can pass by toy aisles in the store and she doesn't say boo. Well, she may comment that something looks fun or that she knows someone who has such as such. But she doesn't ask for it herself. She's very sensible about knowing what fun she can already create for herself at home and knowing that she really doesn't need too much extra stuff to make life even more "funner."

Sweetie is polite. We remind her - it sometimes feels incessantly - to be nice and don't use an angry tone. Yes, if anything, it seems to me that she comes off as adamant or insistent or, I don't know... snippy, in her speech. But nonetheless, she is by and large a polite, loving, kind girl. We have been complemented, in fact, by at least a couple of her  peers' parents. They letting us know what a polite little girl we have. Please and thank you's. She can share well. She's a good girl.

Sweetie does not judge others. She's an excellent example for us - for anyone! - in that regard. She does not pick on others. I think, above all, that her sense of equality and fairness for all is what I am most proud of.

Yes, I can learn a lot from Sweetie. She truly is a great example of a fine, well rounded, loving human being.

I only wish I can live up to her example by creating a life worthy of her admiration.

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