Sunday, March 13, 2011

OneWord Weekend #3

Word: Wand

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Hmmm… I wish I had a magic wand to change this word of the day. :) All I can think about is Harry Potter. Which we love, by the way. But… yeah… not so much more. Sorry…

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I can tell you about Sweetie's magic wand. She received it for Christmas a few years back. Hubby made it for her - specially designed! It even includes - a la Harry Potter himself! - a real cat's whisker inside of it. Wow! Pretty special if you ask me...

As for me, sure - there are times when I certainly feel like I could use a good magic wand to help me out. Especially in cases of time management. Heck, this work week we're about to enter may be helped out by the doings of a powerful magic wand. 

See, I'm starting a new job this week. Yes... let's count it out, now... one, two, three, four, my FIFTH job! Well, okay... I haven't yet really found out if I'll be allowed to adjust my hours at one of my jobs. They may tell me I have to work the days I do now or nothing. If so, then I have 4 jobs, as I've had for a few months now. Easy beans! 

Even still, I'll now be bringing in a bit more each week than I have been. But to keep that one other job too? That would be GREAT for us, financially speaking.

However, for this week at least, I will be working ALL FIVE jobs... transitioning into my new job, but only able to work some hours for them - not my full regular schedule with them. And then everything else too.

Tomorrow, for example, I have 3 jobs to go to in an 8 1/2 hours time. Should be fun.

But, yeah... if I had some magical abilities, I'd sure do what I could to help myself out this week so that I could work all the hours typically required for each of them, yet still have ample time left for family and relaxation.

Where's Sweetie's wand these days anyway? She swears it actually works. Hmmm.... maybe I should give it a try....


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