Monday, July 18, 2005

Our Fairy Princess Sweetie

Hi again. I thought I'd post a quick little thing about something my husband, Sweetie and I did this weekend with some friends. We took Sweetie to The Fairy Tale Festival, an annual event held at a local park every summer. Fairies and wizards, elves and gremlins, woodland insects and creatures of all kinds come out to celebrate summer with all its splendor. My husband and I were privileged enough to participate in the first few years of the festival, dressing up as a fairy and elf, blowing bubbles for all the children to chase after. My husband would make up elaborate stories for the kids about the magic of bubbles and how the magic spreads when the bubbles pop. We loved seeing the wonder in the childrens' eyes, eager to soak up all the fairy dust and magic around them.

Once we had Sweetie we decided to hang up our fairy wings and elf shoes in favor of cameras and sun visors - excited to go simply as the parents of an awe-struck little girl. Still, Sweetie has been too young to appreciate the festival until this year. We dressed her up in her prettiest pink party dress, summer sandals and feather-trimmed fairy wings and magic wand. With her blonde, curly hair and bright blue eyes, she was the picture of cherubic innocence and sprightly spirit. So cute, in my personal opinion, that I've finally decided to include her picture along with this post.

Yes, she was adorable, her friend was beautiful, and the two girls had a wonderful time together in Fairy Land. They blew bubbles, made bracelets (with the help of the daddies), played drums, ate ice cream, and danced on the grass in time with the Irish dancing act up on the stage. They both even got a brand new storybook of their choosing, just for coming out to the Festival! Yes, a fun time was had by all (even though it was an incredibly stinkin' hot day) and our little fairy princess can't wait until next year. Neither can I.

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