Sunday, July 24, 2005

Updates Galore!

I have some exciting updates to talk about today! So step right up and find out all that's new and improved - with this site and in my life.

I'll start with some of the tangible differences here at my blog site. First of all, you'll notice on my sidebar that I've added a picture of the teal spina bifida awareness wristband (a la Lance Armstrong "Live Strong" bands). The SB awareness wristband is adjustable, fitting kids and adults alike, and is 100% latex free. Right under the picture is a new link to the updated order form page for the wristbands. They're only $1.00 each and they're for a terrific cause, so click on the link and order yours today!

Something that you might find missing from my site is the "Blogging Mommies" webring link. It's been awhile since (I thought) I successfully signed up to be a part of that webring. But the link still doesn't work, even after I tried to contact the organization again. So I've decided to just get rid of it. There, that was easy.

Where one door of opportunity closes (the webring), I'm pleased to announce a couple more doors opening for me! The first of which is that the weblog "Dot Moms: Writing Our Momoirs" has added my site to their list of "Moms Who Blog". Dot Moms is a weblog of moms who write from the many different perspectives that being a mom envelops. They are a group of fantastic writers whose collective tone is very light-hearted and friendly. Hundreds of people reach the Dot Moms site every day, often becoming regular readers catching up on the lives of the new mom friends they've made. I wrote to the founder of the site about a month ago, telling her about my site and asking if she could link my page as one of her many "Moms Who Blog". She wrote back that she has seen and enjoys my blog and would be happy to list me. You'll find my link, Spina Bifida Moms, listed alphabetically in her long list of other Moms Who Blog on the left sidebar of her site. While you're there, please check out as many other mom blogs as you can - the many that I've read are really well written by intelligent, funny women trying to get through each day's little catastrophes and triumphs that motherhood so readily guarantees. Enjoy!

Another fantastic opportunity that I don't think I've mentioned yet is that the webzine "Audacity Magazine: The Disabled Magazine for the Able Minded", is about to publish my first in a series of articles I'll be writing for them about my experiences as a disabled parent. I will be writing for them monthly, starting with their soon to be published August, 2005 issue. In addition to my articles, the kind folks at Audacity have added to their already extensive list of on-line forums a special section just for disabled parents. This forum, called the Parenting Corner, is a place where disabled parents can go on-line to talk with others and "share stories, tips and advice about how to raise a happy child in this happy world." I'm so excited to see this chat area established and I hope that my many readers will click on over to Audacity to check it out for themselves. To start chatting all you have to do is click on the above link, sign up and start talking. It's that easy! See you there!

Well, lets see... new wristband link, no more blogging mommies, addition of Dot Moms, and the Audacity Magazine opportunities. That might just about cover it. I guess my last thing to add is to ask you, my faithful readers, for more shared input. I've gotten so many wonderful emails from women with SB asking me questions, and I absolutely love hearing from you! Please, keep those emails coming and don't be afraid to ask me anything you'd like. That being said, I'd also like to encourage my readers to post their comments and questions right here on my site. That way other women with similar questions and/or concerns can see that they are not alone and can even share their own ideas on what to do. If we all combine our knowledge and experiences together, we can help each other get through our questions much more successfully. This is one instance where I feel there can never be "too many cooks in the kitchen". So if you're not shy about your question or comment, please, post it right here, on my very own Message Board. Just click on this link or on the pen icon underneath my name in the sidebar and post away! I'm excited to get my Message Board moving - get the dialogue started today!

So, that's all the great news from here! I hope everyone enjoys their stay here at my site and has fun bopping around to all the great links I have to offer. Until next time....

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