Monday, February 02, 2009

Mama Monday #40.1

Theme: Sin

AKA: Sinfully Smart Sweetie

So Sweetie stayed over at Nana and Papa's this weekend.

Sweetie has a slight cold.

Shortly before her bedtime, Sweetie asked Nana for a piece of paper, saying she had to draw a picture.

Soon after getting the paper, Sweetie asked my mom:

What's a sin?

A what?

A sin.

Like S-I-N? Sin?


It's when you do something really bad. Like lie or steal. That's a sin.

Oh. Okay.

Then Sweetie quietly went back to her drawing.

Soon, she was done. Handing my mom the paper, Sweetie explained that this was a riddle that Nana needed to figure out.

This is the picture.
MED + Pinocchio after he told a lie = Sweetie was reminding Nana to give her some cold MEDI-SIN/medicine before bed.


Today, Sweetie realized how she could have made the message more clear. She could have made a complete sentence by adding a picture of an eye and then a person kneading some bread dough before the rest of her drawing.

I need medicine.

Yup. That would have been good too. Smarty.

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