Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sweetie Saturday #144

So I told you how Sweetie has taken to employing "grown up speak" or using big words in her everyday conversations, right? Like I'll do something for her or tell her something nice that she wasn't expecting and she'll say "Awww... that's so sweet." Or she'll talk about how some things are "obviously" the way they are. 

Well here's another instance from this past week with Sweetie declaring things in an adult manner:

Sweetie asked me the other day if I remembered the day a long time ago when a couple of our friends came over and we went searching for hidden hearts.

Uhhhh..... no.

Yes you do! Remember?! We went outside near Valentine's Day looking for hidden hearts, then we went back home and waited for M_____ and C______ to come over?

Oh! Yeah. I remember.

Now that's a day I'll never forget!

Well, you kind of did forget a little, because it was just before Christmas and we were outside, down in our town, looking for hidden snowflakes.

(Sadness and a bit of being upset at herself for forgetting such things ensued...)


Later that evening, Sweetie clipped her finger in the lid of our paper trash container. With tears flowing, she announced:

This is a day I WILL forget because of the owie!

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