Monday, May 04, 2009

Stopping By A Blog On a Sunny Afternoon

Dum de dum la la la la...

 Oh! Whoa! Who goes there?!

Oh! Hi! How the heck are ya? I hardly recognized you - you look so different! It sure has been awhile, hasn't it? How are things? How's the family? You're looking just great!

How am I? I'm good, good. I've finished up tutoring my NCLB kids a couple weeks ago. One kid I'll miss - he was great! But the other was a real terror. I'm sorry to say I'm not too sad that my time with him is up. But, in both kids' cases, I was thrilled to see how well they did on their final assessment tests! Of course my "challenging" kid needed some major coaxing to even agree to complete just some of the test, but what he did, he did well on. And so did my 3rd grade guy. I've got to say that I'm proud of them both and proud of myself for helping them make the improvement.

Now I'm back to studying for my teaching certification and applying to jobs as they come along. I went to a school job fair a couple months back where I learned about a very interesting sounding part-time writing assistant position. I've got to call my contact woman this week to check on the hiring process for that - she said they would start interviewing for it some time after spring vacation. And I also sent in my information for an elementary teacher position opening up in the fall at a neighboring town. Of course, I'll still take almost anything, so I've also just applied for a receptionist position at a dental office. I just keep trying, keep hoping, and do what I can to stay afloat, stay happy, and not freak out too much.

Oh! And another thing! I'm on the substitute teaching call list for 2 SAU's  - my own town's and the neighboring town. I've already been called twice, but the first call I missed and the second was last week, calling me in for that same day when I also had a dentist appointment I had to keep. So 2 calls and I've not actually gone in to teach in either case. At any rate, I'm definitely learning how crazy it is to be a sub, what with not knowing the night before if you'll be working the next day or not! I have to get up each day, dress as if I'll be teaching, and then if I've not been called by the time I've dropped Sweetie off at school, then I'm pretty certain I'm not going to be called and I can change to my home clothes. It's weird - I have to say to myself each night - "Okay, if I'm not subbing tomorrow, then I'll do this, this and this at and around home. If I am subbing, then forget all that and I'll have to find a different time to get that all done." What a double life I'm leading! 

On the home front, we 3 are all doing great! Hubby has uncovered a new hobby for the family - geocaching. Actually, if you want to be exact, I found out about geocaching a few years ago and knew that it was an activity that had Hubby's name written all over it! I SO wanted to get him a GPS and let him into the wonderful world of high-tech treasure hunting back then... but finances wouldn't allow the GPS system so I just let it go. Now... Hubby somehow recently came upon all things geocaching (I think one of his friends at Facebook mentioned it) for himself and.... the rest is history. We used some of our tax refund money to get the GPS and we've been off and running ever since. It is a lot of fun, and I certainly am getting a lot more exercise than I'm used to (I walked just about 2.5 miles yesterday! So proud of myself!). And, ooh boy!, does Sweetie ever love it! She and her Daddy are geocaching fools! I guess it's just, in my opinion, I think you can take a good thing and just about kill it with overexposure. Hubby comes home from work and he talks about the caches he found on his way home. If he's ever at the computer, it's to load more caches into the GPS for us to find. And he's almost completely stopped going to Facebook to play games-in-progress that he's involved in. Facebook, after all, was soooooo yesterday, doncha know? (not that it's a great thing to be constantly on FB, or wherever, of course.) Whatever - like I said, geocaching can be a lot of fun (more so for me if I'm actually involved in finding the cache along our hikes than simply doing the tough-for-me hikes and then waiting on the path while Hubby and Sweetie go off into the woods to track the treasure down themselves), but... stop talking about it so much to me and maybe I'll like it even a bit more than I already do! The caches aren't going anywhere - do something else with your life for a bit, okay?!

Phew... what? Where was I? Oh,... sorry about that. Got carried away in my cache rant (which I'm only able to sit here and write about because - you guessed it - Hubby and Sweetie are off on another hunt right now!). Let's see, what else?...

Huh... I don't know... I've obviously not been in the writing mood lately. I'm feeling much more in the teaching/learning mode these days than the writing/editing mode. Which is a good thing! But I want to keep up with you here when I can as well. As a long-time reader said to me (more or less) in a beautiful email she sent me - my just being here, writing about my everyday, "boring" life, does in itself what I first intended with this blog. It shows that being a woman, and a mom, who happens to have a physical disability really is no different than any other woman or mom out there! So no matter - just write!

All "write" already! Seriously - I didn't write you back, but you know who are you. I appreciated your email more than you can know and I certainly see your point - and agree with you too. No matter what I say or do here, I still am who I am. I don't have to harp on about my disability or adopt a "woe is me" or even an "I'm so great!" attitude about what I accomplish (or not) in my life. I'm just me and I'm doing fine - as is my family - no matter how it is I get around physically or what sort of obstacles may slow me down.

Anyway, I better get going. That's enough about me for now. Thanks for stopping in! It was so great to see you! I'll be back soon. Have a great rest of your day!

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