Sunday, October 23, 2005

Oh, the Humani-pee!

So we started potty training Sweetie in earnest today, after a huge fight to change her diaper this morning. I said, "Okay, then we'll just put you in big girl Dora panties and you'll learn to pee in the pot!"

(After all, we've been a little reluctant to train her because it's just so darn convenient for us to have her in diapers. However, yesterday we went to visit friends and, having just changed her, I didn't take along another diaper when we decided to leave the house for awhile. But after some time Sweetie was telling us she was wet and needed a diaper change. She NEVER tells us to change her, and her pants were in fact wet. So this was an instance where it would have been much more convenient if she knew how to use the potty.)

Anyway - now, six or so hours later - I give up. I would never have guessed in a million years just how many times in an hour this girl pees! I intended to have her try the potty every 20 minutes. But EVERY SINGLE TIME, she'd beat me to it and pee in her pants beforehand. Then, having her sit on the pot for several minutes more, just to make sure she was done, she'd never do anything. Not one pee on the potty, no matter how long I kept her there. At one point I decided she’d just stay on the potty for however long it took - even if it's an hour or more! Well, after sitting there for more than 1/2 hour with absolutely no action, and her contentment to stay was waning, I got her dressed. Not two minutes later, she was playing "barn" in the living room when she wet herself again!

After seven or more panty changes - I've had it. Training has started and ending today.

I talked to my mom about this (she was nice enough to buy a couple more packages of panties for Sweetie this morning and bring them over to us). She recommended that we just try again in another month. If she doesn't "get it" then, then wait another month more before trying again. One of these times she'll understand. Mom also reminded me that my niece didn't get potty trained until she was almost 3 1/2 years old - at which point she trained very easily.

Another reason today's attempt was so frustrating for me was because I see another obstacle to the process due to my disability. I realize now that I will not be able to pick her up and rush her to the bathroom if ever she's about to have an accident. She has to get there herself. And, as proven today, she's not so put off by feeling wet that she wants to get cleaned up right away. She was okay with sitting in her wet clothes until we noticed that she'd had an accident. Then we had to force her to go to the bathroom with us to change and try the potty. So she obviously doesn't get the urgency of the situation yet, so therefore isn't about to get herself to the potty on time.

If I had continued with the training today and on forward, she and I were going to have to go to my parents' house tomorrow and the next day (my days off from work) so I at least had an able-bodied adult to help me with the emergencies. But, as it stands, we're waiting.

But she is now strictly a Feel and Learn Pull-Ups girl from here on out. No more baby diapers in this household, that's for sure.

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