Sunday, December 04, 2005

I Got Nothin' - But Everything I Need

I'm racking my brains for something to write about today, but can't come up with anything.

It's been a homebody day, what with my husband and I getting over yet another round of colds (and an ear infection for me). We put the tree up last night and decorated it, and the rest of the house, today. We have a warm fire going in the woodstove, Christmas music and videos playing in the background, and hot drinks and soups to fill or bellies.

Sweetie loved hanging up the ornaments and covered one particular section of the tree very well. :)

Tomorrow I'll set out for what I hope will be my last gift-purchasing shopping trip before the Big Day.

With so much to do during the holidays, it sure is nice to have a quiet day like today to spend at home with your family, watching the snow softly fall outside. So nice to soak in the season and smile, taking stock of all the wonderful things I already have in my life.

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