Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hoooooo's The Best Owl Around?

Sweetie is!

(Yes, I know I don't typically post on Tuesdays, but today is special. I just couldn't wait to share!)

I can hardly believe it, but today was the last of Sweetie's acting classes. Today's "class" was actually a review of all the little exercises and activities the kids did throughout their 6 week course. Attending family members in the audience got to see all the fun games and "controlled chaos" that ensued over the last several weeks.

It was both fun, and funny, to see a room full of outgoing/highly dramatic/comical mini divas - just like our Sweetie. Sweetie herself may very well have been the most outgoing/craziest/out-of-control student today - enthusiastically welcoming the audience to "our real play!", quickly getting lost in her own world of creative imagination while the other girls showcased the weeks worth of prep they did for today's recital, and even suggesting some additional snack options for the lion character towards the end of the production (you'll see - all Sweetie was supposed to say was "and seeds!" but she thought better of that in the end).

So! The recital! I'll not bore you with the entire play. But I did want to share just the parts that included our cute white-masked owl.

Enjoy! The audio is not the best, so you may want to turn this one up if you're able.

Congratulations, Sweetie! What a great job you did! Daddy, Grammy, Nana and I all really loved being there today, watching you and your friends put on such a wonderful show.

Looking forward to many, many more great performances to come.

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