Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #102 - Winners Edition!

Wow! You guys all have some really great Chipmunks memories. I really loved hearing from y'all and thank everyone for participating. Winners of the 3 Alvin and the Chipmunks DVDs will be announced at the end of this post.


Have you ever seen the show Cash Cab? We don't have cable, so I've only seen it a few times at my parents' house. Yet Sweetie proclaimed last week that Cash Cab is her very favorite show.

Why? Because she says the cab driving guy looks a little like my niece's boyfriend, and a little like her Daddy too.

Whatever - my promising to play it with her on our way home from Nana's last week got her into the car pretty quickly. So that was cool.

Later, Sweetie did what she's very good at - refused to eat her given dinner. Even though one of our family's rules is no fighting about food, Sweetie still gives it one heck of a go sometimes.

Never fear! Brilliant Mama to the rescue!

I know, Sweetie! Let's play Cash Cab during dinner, and every time someone answers a question correctly, everyone has to take a bite of food!


Long story short? Sweetie ate all of her salmon (oh, and we had to change the name of the game to Catch Cab, because you catch salmon, you know), and she ate nearly all of her veggies too.

And the next night when we served her Chicken Gorgonzola? Yet another dinner she took one bite of and turned her nose up at? Yep - we played again and she ate the whole dang thing.


A few minutes after Hubby put Sweetie to bed the other night, Sweetie appeared at the top of the stairs, declaring:

Dad, I hope I have a dream tonight about Super (Sweetie).

Hubby, hardly cracking even a tiny smile, simply responded by asking her:

Can you put yourself back to bed or do you need me to come tuck you in again?

No, I’m all set. I didn’t untuck.

Okay. Good night, Sweetie.

Good night

And that was that. Except then Hubby and I cracked up, with Hubby asking the rhetorical question,

How can you not love her?


Sweetie has always been interested in many things, and this week her main focus seems to be on words.

She's been interested in homophones after seeing this short on a recent Veggie Tales episode:

Ever since, she's been coming up with unnecessarily long sentences featuring at least one set of homophones.

Oh! I've got another homophone sentence! If you want to go on a trip to Texas then I'll take a plane there and then I'll eat a plain sandwhich for lunch.*

*Perhaps not the exact wording for a sentence she came up with, but - like I said - they were very longwinded, so I had to go with giving you a representative example instead.

She also got a huge kick out of Daddy's joke that, if we got a dog, we'd name him Stay.

Come here, Stay! Come here, Stay! Stay - why aren't you coming?


Sweetie also actually has told some pretty decent knock-knock jokes this week:

Knock Knock.

Who's there?


Tish Who?

Tissue? Did you say tissue? Do you have a cold?


Knock Knock.

Who's There?


Tatt Who?

Tattoo?! What?! Are you tellin’ me you have a tattoo?! Is that what you’re sayin?!


And another cold-related one:

Knock Knock.

Who's there?


Ach Who?

Achoo! I have a cold!


Asked of me right before leaving her room for the night:

Mama - why does everyone have eyebrows?

Because when it's really really hot outside and you get all sweaty, eyebrows help keep the sweat from going in your eyes, which would sting.

Oh. Okay.

(Then, when I'm almost out the door)



Well, I don't get sweaty.

Okay. Maybe you will when it's hotter outside this summer.

Okay. Goodnight!



After viewing this Maytag commecial, Sweetie observed:

Wow. I guess that policeman really knows how to fix dishwashers.


Okay. Drumroll, please!

And the winners are:

Lee Laughlin




Congratulations to you all! And thanks again to everyone for entering. I hope to offer many more contests in the future. So if you didn't win this time, keep trying next time!

As for you lucky winners, please email me at sbmoms at gmail dot com with your mailing info. I hope to get the DVDs off to you on Monday.

Thanks! And, again, congrats!

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