Monday, April 07, 2008

Mama Monday #18.1

Theme: Change

36 cents.

Starting this year, I keep track of our money in two separate locations: my bank registry (as usual) and a notebook style desk calendar. And right now? There's a 36 cent difference between what my registry says we have and what the book says.

I know it's mere pocket change at this point, but still - it's driving me crazy!

Actually - I feel better than yesterday morning, when our book said we had $4.96 more than the registry said. At least, after a lot of hard work, I was able to backtrack and make up for most of that difference. But that last 36 cents? I just can't find it.

I like practical math. Like accounting. I enjoy the responsibility of looking after the bills and recording our money's comings and goings. Even though I'm generally bad at other sorts of math, I'm rather good at this sort of math.

It's a constant commitment, though. For some reason, I find that if I settle our transactions in the book every single night (I already tend to write transactions in my registry right away), then I can always get the two money trackers to square up just beautifully. But then, if I let slip just one or two nights before going back to the book - all bets are off. Before I know it, I've got a 36 cent difference that simply cannot be rectified.

I know this sounds crazy, but you have no idea how satisfied I feel every night I find that both the book and the registry match. Yahoo! I did it! I am good! And if the monthly bank statement balances without making any last minute adjustments? Well, that's just the best! (and rare - a phenomenon that has only started to occur within the last couple months).

Likewise, I'm sure you can see by now how upsetting it is to me when the two documents do not match. Even when the dollars match, but the change does not. It's all I can do to not spend my entire evening working and reworking both my registry and book - often rechecking entries from weeks back - just so I can hopefully find where the mistake(s) occurred.

It took me quite a long time to find the majority of the $4.96 difference. Now, with only 36 cents difference and too much time spent with the book, registry and calculator already - I'm finally willing to let it go (kinda), knowing full well that our monthly bank statement will arrive later this week and then I should be able to figure out where things went wrong.


And now, for another - more fun - change!

Sweetie used to never let me put barrettes in her hair. NEVER. For the last few months, she's come around to not only letting me put them in, but asking that I do so. Very cute!

This past weekend, I offered up a new way to keep her hair out of her eyes - a headband.

Success! She seems to love it, only mentioning a few times that the band was too tight, but then quickly adjusting it herself, rather than taking it off completely.

And this morning? She left her bedroom, went straight downstairs, and as soon as I joined her I saw - she already had put her headband on for the day. Yippee!


Oh, Sweetie. You're growing, and changing, so fast.

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