Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #104

Sweetie's had a better week this time around, but she's still been exploring all of her emotions.

For example, these feelings were expressed by Sweetie all during one meal time:
I have good news from Nana's house, Mama. Uncle Rob called!
I have some bad news, Mama. I'll never eat spaghetti and shrimp again. 
I have some sad news, Mama. My loose tooth hurts, so I can't eat anything for dinner.
I have some mad news, Mama. I don't want to eat this because it tastes like tofu! 

(Nope. Bad argument, Sweetie. Tofu doesn't taste like anything. It takes on the taste of the other ingredients with it. And anyway, this is the same tofu that I'm told you insisted had to be purchased when you and Daddy went grocery shopping last weekend. Daddy and I don't understand why you were so determined to buy it, though. I mean, he and I aren't opposed in any way to tofu. But you're not too familiar with it so we're confused why you wanted it so desperately - and then refused to even try it!).

(Obviously Sweetie's emotional tour de force that night was focused on one thing - not eating her given dinner. A dinner that, in the past, she's absolutely loved - save for the addition of the tofu cubes. Didn't work, though. There's no fighting about food in this house, so she had no choice but to eat at least most of what she was given).


Again with the word play - during that phone call with Uncle Rob, Sweetie talked to him, reminding him of the punny comment he made about the video of her play.

You said I was a hoot, Uncle Rob! That was so punny AND funny!


At kindergarten registration the other night, we received paperwork on the year ahead and "treats" for Sweetie - new safety scissors, a pad of paper, and crayons.

Included in the paperwork was a 2-paged letter, addressed to the kids, but really for the parents - telling all that a child should know before starting kindergarten.

Things she should know include such things as the alphabet song, how to spell her name, how to cut with scissors, and when her birthday is.

Great! Got it. Done. All set with all that.

But the best part is how I found out about all the things she needs to know. 

Sweetie read the entire letter to me, only needing help with about 4 or 5 words.

Yep, she's all set. The girl knows her stuff.

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