Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #102 - Extra Winners of Stuff Edition!

Okay, so I never heard from one of my Alvin DVD winners, so I was forced to pull another name out of my hat.

And that winner is.....


Congratulations, Abby! I know how to find you - you'll have your DVD soon. Enjoy!

But, wait! There's more!

I've also drawn 2 bonus names from my original entrants. These lucky people have won themselves the Alvin & The Chipmunks soundtrack CD. Yahoo!

Congrats to Sarah (Sazz) and Wendy! Soon you'll be rockin' out to the Chippies. I'll have those out to you ASAP.

And now, on to the Sweetie-ness!...


In preparation for our hosting friends for Movie Night, Sweetie asked:

And are we gonna watch movies all together?


And are we gonna order pizza and have it delivered here?


And are we gonna use the plates that are made out of paper and say Baby Wash?

What? Baby watch?

No. Baby Wash.


Oh! Baby Shower! The paper plates (obviously left over from another event) say Baby Shower! Not Baby Wash!... Yeah - we'll probably use those.


Last weekend we took Sweetie to our town's High School's stage production of Seussical Jr (basically, it was Seussical The Musical).

She loved it! She loved it so much, in fact, that after about only the 4th or 5th song, Sweetie turned to me as we all applauded, asking disappointedly:

Is it over now?

No, not yet.

Good. Then I don't have to whine yet.


As we're watching Idol Gives Back:

Ooh, Mama! That's the boy I love!

Oh yeah? Which one?

That one! (Jason Castro). The one who sang Daydream. (I love him too, but I swear I don't go on and on about it very much. Plus, I haven't showed her that Daydream video or even talked about it in weeks!).

Sweetie continues:

Oh, and there's David Cook! I love him too.

(????? Boy, does she pick up on things well! And, I must say, she has excellent taste - those are my two favorite Idols as well)


Encouraging Sweetie's interest in words, I tried to explain to her what an onomatopoeia is.

It’s a word that sounds like it sounds. Like "Zap"! Or "Boom"! Or "Bam"!

Yeah. Or "Wow"!

Uhhh – maybe. I think that might be right.

Yeah. Or (at the top of her lungs) "Chocolate syrup"!

Uhhh – no.


Bonus Daddy Saturday tidbit:

After Sweetie was in bed last night, I set to working on the computer for awhile. Nothing was on T.V. that Hubby cared to watch, so he was a bit bored, waiting for his turn at the Mac. 

As he waited, he picked up my latest Parenting magazine. Something he'd normally never read.

Cut to this morning when Hubby helped me out by getting Sweetie her morning cup of milk. However, instead of taking it to her (as I always do), he handed the rather full cup to her, potentially letting her carry it into the living room all by herself.

Fortunately, I caught this right in time.

Don't let her carry that!

He took it back from her, but then informed me:

But Parenting says 4 year old can do it.

(Well, no - it doesn't. It says 4 year olds can help set the table - which Hubby soon admitted is what he actually read. Still, that doesn't mean 5 year old Sweetie can carry a full cup of milk a rather far distance wearing nothing but socks on her feet).

Lesson learned - Hubby is to stay away from my magazines at all costs.

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