Monday, December 08, 2008

Mama Monday #42.1

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Last week's Mama Monday post - remember that? Yeah. Well. I'm glad I kept my quiet. I'm happy I didn't go all blabbermouth on the exciting new path my life seemed to be on. 'Cuz as last week went on, and mixed signals continued to strew in - well. I finally had to stop and ask direct questions to find out real answers.

Backtracking - long story short (ish):

I was hand picked to come in and temp for a job I also applied for. I've been temping in this job for 2 weeks. Others were interviewed as well (?????). Time dragged on without a hiring decision made (??????). I finally asked. I'm not getting this job. It's possible, since my strong suits are writing/editing/proofreading based, that I could be placed in a position within this company that better utilizes these skills. But, to me, that's a really big "maybe" with an even more unsure future timeframe.

In the mean time - now I just gotta keep on keepin' on. Same ol' story I've heard myself tell myself more than a few times over the last 7+ months. 

However, this company does seem to like me and I am filling the original position well enough that they want me to continue until the new hire is settled in. Which, I suppose, is fine. It's getting me some extra money during this holiday season and it's keeping me in "good graces" with the management there so that, when and if a different - more appropriate - position for me opens up there, that I will be a well known, well liked, successful candidate.

Still - while keeping these full time hours at the office, I have to find time to fit in a continuation of my job hunt - something I've admittedly slacked off on lately because of the "sure-thing" I figured this job afforded me. And I've got to still do some shopping for Christmas. And Sweetie has a dentist appointment and some school related holiday activities going on this month that I want to be a part of. And I have to schedule a medical test for myself within the next couple weeks or so. Basically - I've got a lot of stuff to fit into a really full schedule.

Oh - and did I mention that we are hosting not only Christmas Eve for Hubby's family, but Christmas Day for mine? Yep. That too. Thankfully, Hubby is in charge of all things food-related. But it's up to me to get the house looking as good as can be.

But - through it all, I will keep my composure. I will do what I have to do to get everything done.

I'm actually relieved that I'm not getting this job I interviewed for. As I learned more and more about the position, I realized how much it really wasn't suited for me. I knew it wasn't a job I'd particularly love - but it would be a full time job, with benefits, great hours and close to home. It would have been security and I would have accepted it if offered.

I will ask to have time off from the job so that I can take Sweetie and myself to our various appointments. I am not obligated to do anything more for this company at this time than I am comfortable doing. I know I am basically doing them a favor - filling a space and taking care of basic duties - until the new person is in place. Priorities still lie with me and my family.

Keeping on keepin' on. Keeping my composure. Keeping true to myself and my family. I will never waver from keeping these things closest to my heart and my soul.

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