Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This & That

I've been checking online for my Praxis II exam scores in English Language Literature and Compositon for over a week now. They were posted, finally, last night.

The score needed to pass the exam is a 164 out of 200. When I was finished with the exam, I felt really pretty good about it. I felt that, over all, it was a relatively easy test. However, I know how deceiving that can be - you get over confident and think you absolutely know your stuff, and then - whammo! - you're quickly brought back to reality when you less than desirable scores come in.

Well, I'm extremely proud to announce that, yes, I actually did quite well. Out of a possible overall score of 200, I received a 186. Twenty-two points higher than the minimum passing score. Wow!

Furthermore, the score report breaks down my score into 3 separate subjects, each accompanied by the average score range for everyone taking this exam.

On the first subcategory the average range is 43-55 out of a possible 66. My score was a 57.

On the second subcategory, the average range is 11-15 out of a possible 17. My score was a 14.

On the last subcategory, the average range is 25-32 out of a possible 36. My score was a 31.

Hah! Take that! No honest-to-goodness studying, A very cursory review of the study guide book along with completion of the provided practice test under less-than-satisfactory conditions. And yet, a high score on the exam. Yahoo!

Yes, it's my blog and I can brag if I want too.


Sweetie's school has cancelled classes until Jan. 5th. The last time she attend school was last Wednesday, Dec. 10th. We have electricity. I believe the school has electricity. But I also know that a good many residents of our town are still without. Christmas vacation was to begin next Wednesday. I guess they're assuming that, if power is restored by this weekend, to send the kids to school for 2 days before vacation would be rather pointless.

Sweetie is actually a bit disappointed, as she loves school so much. But yesterday I told her that, if she's not going to school, then she's got to work in her activity and workbooks everyday for some time. So last night she admitted that she was "happy" about not going back to school for awhile because she gets to work in her workbooks. That's my girl! (actually, this way is probably more challenging to her anyway, as we have 1st grade books for her to work in).

I'm probably sadder than she is about all this, as it's cancelled (maybe postponed???) the kids' Holiday Concert that was scheduled for 2 performances this afternoon and this evening. It's also taking away Sweetie's opportunity to celebrate her birthday with her classmates this Friday. I cautiously informed Sweetie that these things would now not happen. Surprisingly, she seemed a-okay with this seemingly disappointing turn of events. Huh. Okay, then. Moving on...


Today I have done 2 (maybe 3???) loads of laundry, hauled in some wood and started a fire in our wood stove, done the dishes, wrapped some presents, started to tidy up for Sweetie's birthday party this weekend, and applied for a tutoring job. However, I'm feeling really bad that I'm not able to go outside and shovel our driveway a bit. Hubby is working over an hour away today on what seems to be a very tricky job with possibly not-so-nice home owners and I'm really pretty sure he's not going to feel at all like shoveling tonight. Luckily, the snow accumulation is not that bad, and we technically could get by without him shoveling at all - for now. But a big storm is coming this Friday. Then another this Sunday into Monday. It probably would be a good idea to get the snow we have out of the way so the next round of shoveling is that much easier to handle.


It is Dec. 17th and I am almost completely done with Christmas preparation (gift-wise). I have one gift project to finish up before it can be wrapped, but I think that will take me only about an hour or so to complete. I have 2 more gifts for Hubby that I need to wrap. They are both purchased and ready to be wrapped - I just have to do it (yeah - but one of them is at my parents' house and the other is in my car, which is more or less unreachable currently with the snow on the ground as it is).  Oh, and I have one more thing to wrap for Sweetie's birthday, and one more Christmas gift for her that I need to wrap up. Yeah, yeah - I also have to write out the clues to a treasure hunt she'll be led on on Christmas morning. I know what I'm going to write - I just have to find the pretty paper and write it out all nice and neat to present to her. 

But that's it! Yeah, I know it kinda sorta still looks like a lot. But it really isn't. No problem at all.

HOWEVER - I do have one more thing that I absolutely have to do and I completely have not started AT ALL. I have to shop to fill Hubby's stocking. Ugh.

I usually have this all squared away at least a couple weeks before Christmas. But not this year! I intended to go out tomorrow or Friday, leaving Sweetie with my mom while I did so. But now I know that my parents' have afternoon plans tomorrow for which they have to leave their house by 2 p.m. No problem, I though. I'll just get Sweetie up and out the door by around 8 a.m. and then I'll have more than enough time to complete my shopping!

But then I just had to sign up to tutor online for tomorrow morning from 8:30 a.m. til 9:30 a.m. See, I didn't really pay attention to when the tutoring actually took place. When I get the notice that a tutoring opportunity is available, I have accept it extremely fast - before I can take a look at the details. That's what I did. I was successful at acquiring the opportunity. Then I saw the time. Oh well. That's still not too bad, I guess. I can have Sweetie to my mom around 10 a.m. Still plenty of time to shop, I suppose.

(I originally was not stressing about this at all, since I knew I had Thurs. or Friday - or even next Monday - to get it done. But then the word came down about Friday's storm. And a storm from late Sunday night into Monday. So it's really got to be done tomorrow. Huh. It'll get done. It'll get done...).


Our couch is falling apart around the piping around the cushions. I want to fix this and I have a plan as to how I'll go about it. I just need some embroidery floss and a large needle. I found the floss, I just have to look in my sewing basket for the needle.

I can't find my sewing basket for the life of me. I've looked all around upstairs and down. It is nowhere to be found. It's a large basket, too! There's no way it's able to be hid so well that I can't find it.

I think I do remember Hubby taking it and putting it somewhere else the last time we had people over. I guess I'll have to wait for him to come home before I find the answer.


I have to go now. Sweetie just informed me that I'm invited to the birthday party of her imaginary friends (there are 10 of them, all whose birthday is today. What is the likelihood of that?!) It's about to start! They're just waiting for me.

Gotta run! 

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