Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #135

While Sweetie and Hubby were playing checkers together, Sweetie positioned one of her pieces very near one of Hubby's pieces. She muttered something about how now they (the checkers) would fight.

Then Hubby moved his checker away, causing Sweetie much distress:

She said:

But I wanted them to fight their PILES. OF. DIGNITY!!!

And then we all melted in a pile of tearful hilarity.


As I expressed my sadness about not being able to be a Room Mom in Sweetie's class because of my ongoing job hunt (I'd hate to sign on as a Room Mom only to tell them shortly thereafter that I'm now employed and can therefore no longer come in) to Hubby at the dinner table, Sweetie began to pat my arm, telling me with all the sincerity in the world:

It's okay, Mama. It's okay. Don't be sad.


More grownup speak out of the mouths of Sweetie:

If Sweetie thinks something is different than what she expected, she'll say - That's so odd.

If Sweetie has a choice to make - or to present to us - she'll ask for (or tell us our) options.


While preparing some such holiday goody one morning, Hubby, Sweetie and I were all gathered in the kitchen, laughing and joking and having a grand ol' time.

As usual, Sweetie and Hubby were being their typical silly selves. But I have my moments as well. Apparently, one of those moments occurred during this time. I honestly can't even remember what I said, exactly (Maybe something about "Potato Dave"). But whatever it was, it caused all three of us to laugh, and for Sweetie to declare:

That's the first funny thing you've ever said, Mama!

Uhh, gee. Thanks. I guess....

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