Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #138 - Instant Change-o-rama Sweetie Edition

Wow! I'm so very impressed. Ever since Sweetie turned 6, she's so very eager and able to do some great new things.

For instance - brush her own teeth.

Night before her 6th birthday:

Me & Hubby: Sweetie. Go brush your teeth.

Sweetie: But I caaaaannnn'ttt! I don't know hoooooowww to brush my teeeeethhh!

Next morning:

Me: Time to brush your teeth, Sweetie. Let's go.

Sweetie: Oh! I'm 6 years old now! I can brush my own teeth!

Me: Hey! That's right! You can! Let's go and you can try.

Sweetie: No! I don't have to try. I can really do it, because I'm 6!

And now? She's been happily doing the job all on her own ever since.

She's also been eating extremely well - and that' been going on consistently for at least a few weeks now.

She does not need to be told over and over to eat her food - she just does it. She also eats a good amount of food, often finishing off her whole plate. She's completing her meals at a much faster pace. And perhaps best of all, she will now eat foods that she's not too thrilled about, but she knows now to eat these "unsure of" foods first, then save the food that she knows she likes best for the last thing she eats. 

All this - without complaint. Yee haw! I love 6!


Sweetie and Hubby have been busy, busy, busy baking cookies over the last couple weeks. They made one kind of cookie where the recipe said to roll the dough into balls then place them on the cookie sheet. It also said to keep a small dish of water near you to dip your fingers in so that the dough doesn't stick to your hands.

The two of them quickly saw how messy that whole project was turning out. Hubby decided to put the 2nd batch of that dough in the freezer before making cookies the next day.

The next day, when Sweetie and Hubby started to roll out the cookies with the dough from the freezer, they saw that they didn't need to use the water anymore for their hands - their hands just didn't stick to this colder dough.

Wow! Cool - huh, Sweetie? This is so much faster!

Yeah! Now we're the fastest team without water!

And now, whenever Daddy asks Sweetie to tell someone what the two of them are, Sweetie doesn't even hesitate before proudly declaring:

The fastest team without water!


We went to Hubby's grandparents' house today for some more Christmas celebration. They live about an hour or so away from us, and the trip can be a bit too long and boring for Sweetie. So on our way home, we played a game:

Someone was to say a name of a thing you can find around the house: for instance: chair. Then the next person had to use the last letter in the word given to use as the first letter in the answer they were going to use. In this example, after someone says "chair", the next person could say "radio". And so on.

We had more or less just started when I played a word that happened to end in "S" (I honestly cannot remember what word I played). That left Hubby having to come up with an "S" word of his own - something that was giving him a bit of trouble.

Or, was it?

Maybe he just couldn't get a word - or thought - in edgewise because Sweetie was piping up from the backseat, stage whispering over and over:


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