Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #137 - Happy Birthday Edition

Today is Sweetie's 6th birthday. We'll be heading out for her annual birthday picture with Santa sometime later, and we'll have grandparents, cousins & aunts and uncles over for a birthday dinner this evening. It's going to be a Super (Sweetie) party, complete with color-coded decorations, the Super (Sweetie) logo posted in certain places around the house, and a big ol' banner with Super (Sweetie)'s battle cry: Who's the braviest, the saviest, the waviest?...Super (Sweetie)!

Speaking of Super (Sweetie) I happen to know that Grammy is making Sweetie, and her other 2 granddaughters, super hero capes for Christmas. Now, since I do know my Sweetie pretty dang well, I asked my MIL earlier this week if she was going to have a logo on each cape (a first initial on top of a circle or triangle, for example). If so, I thought it best that we join up on what this logo would look like so that the logo displayed at her party tomorrow matches with the logo she'll find on her cape a few days later.

Phew! So, yeah, we did get that squared away. But then I saw Sweetie draw yet another picture of Super (Sweetie) - complete with her half green/half pink cape.

Oh no. What color is this cape Grammy's making going to be?

The answer? Red. No turning back now.

So yesterday I tried very hard (and as subtly as possible) to get Sweetie on board with the idea of her Super alter ego donning a red cape.

No. Super (Sweetie) always wears a pink and green cape because she loves pink and green.

I tried to convince her that all great super heroes wear red capes.

I tried to go the route of starting off with a caped in whatever color, but then - when you get to be a really great & powerful super hero - you graduate to a red cape.

I pointed out to her that Sweetie's favorite colors are pink & green, but Super (Sweetie)'s favorite color was red, because all super heroes love red.

I tried many angles. None of them worked. I texted Hubby (who was with Grampy at the time) that Sweetie was being very insistent that a cape must be pink & green.

Not too much later, Hubby texted me back, saying - I think I got it! - adding that he'd call me on the way home.

So, long story short(er) - Hubby basically walks in the door, happens to inadvertently bring up the whole Super (Sweetie) thing, and asked what her costume looked like. Sweetie answered with the whole pink & green cape thing.

Yes, but what does her whole costume look like? Cuz I always thought that Super (Sweetie) had a green top, pink pants and a red cape.

No. Still not completely buying it.

Then, shortly thereafter, Hubby takes a smaller transparent pink plastic cup and inverts it on top of an inverted larger transparent green plastic cup (yes, it should be the other way around according to his description, but that's what we had available). Where the two cups join, Hubby wedged in a bright red, rectangular napkin as our super hero's flowing cape.

See? That's what I always thought Super (Sweetie) looked like.

Yeah! That's Super (Sweetie)! With a red cape, a red cape, a red cape!!! (picture enthusiastic dancing and singing).

And that was that. Like she never questioned anything before. Completely in love with the red cape thing.

On one hand, I'm very relieved this is taken care of and Sweetie won't put up any adversity to the cape she'll get on Christmas (Bite my tongue! Knocking on wood because I'm sure anything can change is Sweetie's mind at a moment's notice. Shhhh....) But on the other hand, I am a little shocked and humbled by/envious of Hubby's easy work compared to what I was trying to achieve all afternoon long.

Happy Birthday, Super Sweetie! Daddy and I love you very much and are oh so proud of your super creativity, your super smarts, and your super silliness.

Have a super day!

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