Sunday, February 26, 2006

Always Up For A Challenge

...Maybe that's why I let the house get so messy - all the better to test my balance as I teeter and twist across the toy-strewn living room floor.

...Also, a messy house makes for more satisfying results when I finally do pick up. Wow! What a difference!

Yes, I've always claimed that I do like a challenge. My day job has me challenged all the time - always something new to figure out and make work.

And at home I'm challenged - raising my very active, healthy daughter under the confines of what my physically disabled body allows me to do.

And who knew what exactly a pregnancy would be like for me?! It really could have been a lot worse. I could have had to use a wheelchair for the better part of those (for me) 37 weeks. But I got though - walking and thriving all the way!

Yes, I do like a challenge. I've pushed the limits of my body by skiing, travelling, hiking, swimming, raising a child and more.

And now I'm going to push the limits of my mind by signing up for yet another on-line course. But this time - it's FREE! You heard me - FREE!

Barnes & Noble University offers several classes on self improvement, writing - even geneaology and finance management, along with so many others. All for the low, low cost of - NOTHING! (Yes, there are books involved for each class - books you can purchase through good ol' Barnes & Noble, of course. But why not check out your library first to see if you can borrow them through there? That's what I'm going to try.)

Thanks to Diary of a Reluctant Housewife for turning me, and all her readers, on to this wonderful opportunity. And for the library idea. Because of her post, I've added a new category in my sidebar, called Self Improvement. And B&N University is right there on top.

Check out all my Self Improvement links. You'll find great resources you can use to challenge your mind, body and spirit!

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