Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Choose Your Own Post

I'm sitting here staring at the computer with absolutely nothing "bloggable" coming to mind. Sorry. I got nothin'.

I will tell you, though, that I've been thinking a lot about the upcoming holidays - not to mention a certain little Sweetie's yuletide birthday. We have some great, free, ideas on what to give her for both special occasions. But I keep coming up with other ideas too.

For instance, she's always been very "into" maps. This year I'd love to get her a globe. She's also requested a couple of toys she's seen via T.V. commercials. And, since she herself loves to read - and Hubby and I always read her bedtime stories - I'm of course coming up with lots of different titles I'd like her to have.

More books in The Magic Treehouse series (she only has the first 4). And some more chapter books for nighttime reading. I've especially been thinking about the Choose Your Own Adventure books from my childhood. Sweetie, I think, would SOOO love those! Excellent bedtime stories where she gets to be in charge of what happens.

I've Googled these books and do see that there are several titles available. But most of them seem more directed to the young male audience. Aren't there any options more appropriate for girls?

Not that Sweetie is at all what I'd call "girlie." She much prefers to play with Legos or a simple rope or empty box than to play house with her dolls. She's completely happy to spend hours working in her activity and workbooks than to dress her dollies. She loves running around outside just as much as she enjoys playing at different kids' sites on the computer. She's all about playing Super (Sweetie) or Detective (Sweetie) - never, ever Mommy or even Princess Sweetie. Ha! I can't even picture her doing that!

So, given all that, there are certainly some Choose Your Own Adventure books that would engage her imagination and sense of adventure. Stories that talk of discoveries and magical lands and mystery. Still - I keep thinking there must be more options out there.

Now it's your turn. What do you know of this? Have you read or seen any great books for small girls along the lines of Choose Your Own Adventure? Or maybe not even - just simply great stories that would engage an outgoing, creative, smart little girl such as our Sweetie? 

I'm "listening"! I've got my Super Mama Eyes all ready to read your plethora of great gifting suggestions. 

Now, get to the ideas!

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