Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #127 - Super (Sweetie) Edition

Have I told you?! Sweetie has made some great discoveries over the last 2 weeks or so. She now knows how to whistle, snap her fingers and zip her coat all by herself. She's very proud of her new abilities. What a big girl!

And even though this week started off rather iffy with her school/recess listening skills in need of much improvement, it seems that now - with the help of Sweetie's alter-ego, Super (Sweetie) - that even that is happening.

Now, Sweetie knows that as soon as she hears that end-of-recess whistle, that's the call for Super (Sweetie) to make her appearance, collect her backpack, and get herself to the line as soon as possible.

Does that sound like a good plan, Sweetie?

Yeah! But first, when I hear the whistle, I'll have to sing my song that turns me into Super (Sweetie)... Who's the Braviest, the Saviest, the Waviest?!... Super (Sweetie)!

You betcha! But you'll have to sing that at the same time that you're going to get your backpack and linng up, not before. Because stopping to sing will only slow you down.

Okay. I'll sing while I do the other things.


So (knock on wood) this seems to be working -  for the couple of days we've employed it, anyway. Each morning I remind Sweetie to be a Super (Sweetie) and put on her Super Ears and Eyes so she's aware of when that recess whistle blows.

Hopefully this is the answer we've needed to help Sweetie through this glitch. Thanks to my mom for suggesting it in the first place - helping me find a way to get Sweetie to follow the rules, not get herself in trouble, yet still keep her love of life and creativity alive.

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