Monday, October 27, 2008

Mama Monday #46.1

Theme: Wise

I think I'll most likely keep up with my Sweetie Saturday posts after all. But instead of restricting myself to the funnier things Sweetie says, I'll now most likely delve into the wiser, more "worldly" offerings she has to share. She's at an age where she's rapidly discovering so much about the world around her and her own thoughts and feelings that she's coming up with some real gems.

For instance, the other day a gift catalog arrived in our mailbox. Sweetie sat on my lap as we flipped through the pages - each one filled with very interesting and colorful items. 

One of the things for sale was a plaque for your wall. On it was written the phrase - "Let go, Let God". Sweetie easily read it aloud, but I didn't know if she knew the meaning of the words.

Who's God, Sweetie? - I asked, not quite sure of the answer she'd give.

However, without so much as 2 second's delay, she said - God is love, future, nature and love.

Wow! Love, future, nature and love. That sounds great! Did you learn that in church school?  (me, thinking how impressed I was with what's actually coming across to her during Circle time at church).

No. I just made it up myself.

Hmmm.... Whatever. Sounds just about right to me.


Another instance had me putting Sweetie to bed one night. We'd recently moved our new whole room heater up to her bedroom. It works well, but it's awfully quiet. Sweetie is used to having a fan going for background noise to help her fall to sleep. (In the winter, she still uses the fan, just pointed outside of her room so she doesn't get too cool). But this night Sweetie asked if I could please leave the fan off.

I don't mind hearing you work downstairs, Mama. Hearing you actually helps me to have sweet dreams. You don't have to stay quiet for me.

Huh. I repeated her request back to her, just so that I was clear on which fan she wanted me to keep on and which she wanted off. When I finished - getting her words just about right - she proudly answered: Exactly!

She's been good with the white-noise-making-fan staying off from then on.


I've been very proud of Sweetie in terms how she's thinking about her unique Halloween costume. The idea to be a stick of butter was entirely her own - a creative idea she's been so excited to claim. 

However, I thought that once she learned that several other girls in her class were dressing as Hannah Montana, fairies, or whatever other popular girlie character, that Sweetie would start to feel left out of the crowd. I also was concerned, while at the Pumpkin Festival this weekend, that Sweetie would take on her typically dramatic and grumpy attitude when faced with people who weren't able to figure out what she was dressed as.

However, in each case? Nope! She's fine. She knows that 3 of her friends at school will be Hannah Montana at her class party. And she has another friend who'll be a fairy. But she's still giggling over the fact that she'll be the only one there dressed as butter! And as for the very few people who didn't know what she was dressed as this past weekend? She just laughed and told her Daddy - those boys thought I'm dressed as Sponge Bob and they don't know that I'm a stick of butter. They just can't see my measurements on my back. They're so silly.


Finally - Sweetie was flipping through the T.V. channels yesterday when she happened upon the PBS movie Anne of Green Gables. I stopped her and said -

Oh! Anne of Green Gables! I love this movie and the books. I think you'll really like this too, Sweetie. Anne is just like you! She's....

Why? Is she curious too?

Yes! That's what I was going to say! She's curious and smart and creative and outgoing. I think you'll really like to watch this.

But, uh..... no. Not quite. I think she gave it about 30 second's attention before deciding it wasn't for her.

Soon, though. Give her a few years. She'll absolutely eat it up!

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